dog walks.

It’s weird how a life that I have been living for the past 5 years can feel new again by just being present for it. I have been married for just over 3 years. J and I have had Cohen for 5ish years. We’ve lived in our current condo a bit longer than that.

For almost the entire time that I have lived in this home, I’ve been traveling for work Mon-Thurs. I had a few months last winter and about 6 months a few years before that, but the majority of my time has been spent on the road for the better part of my week.

J used to have full responsibility for the dog Mon-Thurs and although he loves Cohen, it was not easy always being the one to leave work on time to make sure that Cohen got picked up at doggie daycare, walk him in the morning before work, clean up the occasional mess that Cohen left (like puking on the couch…he’s house broken), etc etc.

knew this was the case, but I didn’t know. Does that make sense?

I am now sharing much more dog responsibility and I know know. It’s hard. And truthfully? It’s not as hard for me b/c I don’t have to leave work to take care of him… I just have to stop working for a bit and do it. It’s different.

…So I owe J a huge THANK YOU for loving me and Cohen enough to take care of him for the last few years on your own Mon-Thurs. I get it.


We don’t have a backyard and Cohen doesn’t always play well with others, so dog parks aren’t an option. So we walk him. 25-40 minutes 3x per day. And we take him out for a quick pre-bed tinkle at night.

We adopted a dog from the pound because we were ready to assume responsibility for one. I always had dogs growing up and I wanted a pup more than anything… I’m a dog person. We knew it would be hard without a backyard, but we were committed.

We ARE committed.

Cohen and I have a special friendship. I don’t know if it’s because I wasn’t around much when he was growing up (sad face) or because he just loves me, but this pup is at my toes 24×7.


While I work…


While I make lunch… (yes, I know he is just hoping that I’ll drop something…)…Image

When he is bored of standing in the kitchen and realizes that he’s not getting whatever it is that I am making…

He is my office mate when he’s not at daycare (we believe socialization is important :)). He goes downstairs every time I go (even when I try to tell him that I’m just going to be a second) and if I lay on the couch, he stands there waiting for me to move his bed next to the couch so he can lie down too. He’s not spoiled, but he definitely knows who is people are.

J and Cohen get along quite well too, but it isn’t exactly the same. Maybe because J is the disciplinarian. Ha.

Anyway… today when I was walking Cohen at lunchtime, I was reminded how lucky I am to be able to do that. I know I won’t feel that way in December when it’s bitter cold, but I do feel lucky now.

Together Cohen and I:

  • Take a break from work
  • Get our steps in
  • Meet people in the neighborhood
  • Enjoy the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having
  • Get soaked when it’s pouring
  • Chase squirrels, rabbits, etc

Today a woman stopped us to pet Cohen. She asked if he was friendly and I said “usually”. He is, he just sometimes isn’t. Hard to explain. Anyway…

Cohen was really good and just sat there being petted, looking at me like, “I deserve a treat for this disruption in my sniffing”.

When the woman walked away she said, “thanks for the beautiful distraction from a really awful day.”

Poor lady.

But see, this is why I am lucky. When work is frustrating or the world is pissing me off, Cohen has no idea. Cohen loves me when I feel fat and zitty and crabby and when I’m having a day full of glamour. He could care less and I love him for it.

Cohen has changed our life a LOT. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I wish we had a backyard. There are days when I would rather stay out longer instead of coming home to walk the dog… but with all of that, there is never a day when I regret adopting Cohen.

If you’re not a dog person, you probably stopped reading after the first paragraph. If you are a dog person and kept reading, you still might think that I’m nuts. I’m ok with that.

Either way, my dog is cool and that’s that. You should see him “play dead”. He’s a rock star at it. Maybe if the dog lady in me gets even crazier I’ll post a video some day. Ha.

Happy Thursday.

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  1. I read the whole thing. I think that makes me a dog lover. I already knew this to be true. I also think I might possibly be a Cohen lover (highly likely), and I’ve never even met the guy! He is so darn cute, and I know he is LOVING you being home (as is J, now that he doesn’t have as many dog duties!). I’m so happy you are home finally. This is real life – being on the road is not.

    PS Look at you and all of your exercise (I cannot spell that word)! Muy proud. Now I need a pedometer…

    • Real life… no kidding. Cohen would LOVE you. Obviously. Get fitbit!! 🙂 Something tells me that this isn’t an issue for you though… and then you’d beat me in steps and then… oh man…. 🙂

  2. you know i LOVE every word of this.
    aren’t dogs the best???
    and i also appreciate that because you love cohen– you totally understand how crazed i’ve been with maxxy sick. so good to have people who get it. love you.