I am dreaming of vacations.

I am going to Palm Springs next weekend for a bachelorette party and J and I just booked a trip to Hawaii for our anniversary at the end of May. I am over the moon excited.

As I am thinking about being in a much warmer climate than Chicago (the city didn’t get the memo about Spring), I started day dreaming about what I’d love to buy – you know, if money were no object and I could afford all of this in addition to going on a vacation.

A girl can dream, right? It is almost my birthday (hint, hint, cough).


1. Kate Spade iPhone case 2. To die for earrings 3. Beach worthy tote 4. Sunnies 5. Oh Tory 6. Light and airy dress 7. I’ll need the creme after being in the sun all day

I am OBSESSED with those earrings / shoes. My aunt was wearing the earrings at lunch the other day and I immediately had to look them up. Gorgeous. And those Tory Burch flats? Swoon.

I just bought a dress on sale at Old Navy that I am hoping is similar to the JCrew version — it’s in the mail to me now — unfortunately I don’t have high hopes.

Speaking of being in a warmer climate, I am going to go for a nice long walk. My thighs have been inside all winter and they could use some additional love before they make their springtime debut in a swimsuit.

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