ebates. yes, again.

A few months ago I wrote about ebates but hadn’t had a ton of experience with the site yet.

Since I wrote about it I have used ebates extensively for my online shopping. I have received a couple of checks now so I can say for sure (in addition to trusting my friend’s feedback) that I am receiving cash back checks.  I have received ~$126 to date and have another $50 or so pending for my next check.

It’s really SO easy and adds about 20 seconds to the online shopping experience. Depending on where you shop you can get between 1.5% and 15% cash back on your purchases and they often have promotions for more cash back.

I have used my ebates at Amazon, Land of Nod, Crate and Barrel, Diapers.com, Overstock.com, Sephora, Gap, Nordstrom, Toms, etc etc etc.

I do a LOT of online shopping these days :).

My one gripe is that I do a lot of Amazon shopping and not all Amazon stores are available for ebates credit all of the time – they switch. That said, I tend to wait until the store that I want is available or I find the same product elsewhere. Or I just forgo the cash back (but rarely) because Prime shipping is usually more cost effective.

Here’s what you do to sign up….

First, go here (and yes, I get credit if you sign up using that link).

Sign up with your email and start earning cash back when you shop!

The next time you’re thinking about shopping online, start on ebates.

Use the search bar to find the store that you’re interested in.


Click the store “shop now” link and start shopping just like normal once ebates takes you to the site!


Earn cash back on purchases you were going to make anyway.

Last week we ordered some chairs from Overstock.com and I earned $5.80 back. Not a ton of money for sure, but better than getting kicked in the stomach :).

You can see my latest summary below… it works!!!


I just deposited my May check.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Have I mentioned? Free money!

Happy shopping.

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  1. I imagine I will be online shopping once again… I HAVE to wait until post-baby to determine if I’ll ever fit back in my pants and skirts. I have a real fear that won’t happen. But I will be using your ebates link!! And add it to your ‘I like to shop’ section on your blog with Stitchfix!!!! xo