elvis is alive.

Yesterday I ran my first real 5K – the Elvis is Alive 5K by Fleet Feet.

I have done 5Ks before, but I’ve always walked or run/walked.  This was the first time that I was going to run the whole thing.

I’m not a runner.

I didn’t think 8 weeks ago that I could do it.

I did it.

It was hard.

I feel really proud of myself for running the whole time.

It was hard.

At some points, really hard.

That whole “the crowd will inspire you” crap is just not true… maybe a little, but you’re still in your own head, moving your own feet, pounding the pavement with your own sore legs.

I can’t believe that I am posting this picture of me on the internet, but it’s proof that I ran this thing.  Between J and C I got a few pictures, but I look fairly angry in all of them. Ha.

I wear my phone when I run for a couple of reasons: Nike Plus and Ludacris. I mention this because Nike Plus has been pretty accurate in the past and last night it told me that I ran 3.65 miles, not 3.2.  Granted, I did start it about .1 miles ahead of the start line, but it shouldn’t have been that off.  Is it possible that the route was a tad longer than a 5K route? Likely Nike was just wrong and I was a LOT slower than I thought??

The race was in the evening and I always run in the morning, which I could really feel.  I had walked the dog twice (30 min each time) and walked about 1/2 mile or more from the bus to the race site, so my legs were probably a bit more tired than when I roll out of bed and go for a run.  I felt that… or maybe it was in my head.

I do feel good that I completed the whole run.  I was slow (only passing old people and speed walkers), but I really didn’t care. I finished.

A special thanks to my brother, Adam, for meeting me just before mile 3 and running a couple of minutes with me.  Right when I saw him is when I felt like I was breaking down… getting a little upset and breathing waaaay too hard (again, in my own head wondering about Nike vs actual).  I really appreciate A and C and J being there… it kept me going for sure.

I am signed up for the Komen race for the cure in September, where I hope to improve the way I feel when I cross the finish line.

For those of you who are where I was 8-10 weeks ago, feeling like you could never run for more than a minute at a time… you can. I trained using the couch to 5K app.  It’s hard, not going to lie, but when you start with a base of nothing, it will be hard.

For what it’s worth, I’ve also lost a good amount of weight since I started running…

And now I’m off to rest my legs :).

p.s. Another thank you to my team at work for encouraging me through this whole process… Ailee, Hannah, Paola and Bobby… I wouldn’t have kept this up without your encouragement and high fives.

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  1. i am SO PROUD OF YOU.
    you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    great work, lady!!!!!!!!