Fall Shoe Daydreams

I need a seasonal shoe wardrobe lift. I am tired of my Fall appropriate shoes. I keep turning to the same ones over and over again and I’m bored. I really love an easy slip on loafer and the pop of color below is totally me. Jeans, a gray sweater (maybe with a plaid or polka dot button-down underneath if I’m feeling sassy :)), colorful shoes… Big love.

I also love a good all around boot. The Ferragamo booties are gorgeous and I would probably wear the Sam Edelman flats A LOT.

Fall Shoe Dreaming


Those Lanvin loafers… so pretty. I am always into the loafer, but this year I am seeing them everywhere – I love it. Does anyone else REALLY want to rock a pair of old school Bass wayfarer penny loafers or am I wrong to assume they’re cool again?

The 90’s called…am I answering?

In my dreams I am wearing the gorgeous shoes above, but much more likely I am wearing…

Fall Shoes 2

Thanks, Chicago. 1/2/3/4/5

Let’s be honest, my reality (and wallet) look much more like image 2 than image 1. It’s cool though, a girl can dream.

Do you have any shoes are on your splurge list this year? Which ones do you always turn to?

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7 thoughts on “Fall Shoe Daydreams

  1. Love those leopard #3 in the first image! I am right there with you for pop of color. I did very well at Nordstrom anniversary sale this and have my shoes still in the boxes to look like new. I guess Fall has arrived and I can officially open them up. I don’t want to admit how many I actually bought, but let’s say I have a nice collection of new ones for this year 😉

  2. Funny to see we were on the same page. I went shoe shopping today in downtown Urbana. Dansko has come out with some fun styles and colors. I was surprised and pleased!

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