Family Photos

A couple of months ago we had the opportunity to work with Beking Joassaint for our family photos. This was the first time that we had professional photos taken of the three of us and we were very happy with the results, especially given the uncomfortably frigid temps.

We were with Beking for about an hour before we all started to get fussy. It was COLD and WINDY and a smarter person (eh hem) might have suggested that we take the photos inside, but there’s just something about a blustery Chicago day…. next year we’re taking the pictures MUCH earlier – like August :).

Here are a few of my absolute favorites. I am SO glad to have these photos of my people.

Family1 Family3 Family4 Family0.1

And… this was the holiday card winner.


So so so grateful for these pictures, but mainly grateful for these people. I cannot imagine a different life.

Family photos taken by Beking Joassaint.

p.s. This is pretty much how we spent our weekend. Hopefully yours was just as mmm-arvelous :).


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  1. Loved the holiday card!! Fabulous family photos! It put a smile on my face to open the card from you guys 🙂

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