I am incredibly lucky that I have family close by.

My brother and I didn’t always get along when we were younger because he had the uncanny ability to mess up my perfectly hair sprayed bangs and hit me with a kick-board when I walked by (though he won’t admit to either) and I had a propensity for tears and drama. That doesn’t make an awesome combination.

It wasn’t until we weren’t living in the same house (he’s 6 years older) that we really started to appreciate each other.

And now? I can’t imagine going a week without seeing him, Cristin and Margot.

I am lucky in that I can call Adam a friend as much as I can call him a big brother. Cristin too – and I always wanted a sister (I always dreamed of shared clothes and bonding over perfect bangs when my brother was being mean :)).


(Cristin just chopped her hair off and I think it’s the cutest…)

Last night they came over for dinner and it was just nice. It is really fun to watch them as parents with Margot and I am so fortunate to live so close to my niece — I love that I can see her whenever I want.

I busted out my camera while they were over… Margot is so cute!! She is discovering her hands and responds any time anyone makes funny noises, which she finds just hilarious.

ImageImageImageYep, her Daddy is pretty funny. Image

Two gorgeous girls right there.ImageImage

I mean seriously, do I not have the cutest niece on the planet? ImageObviously a rhetorical question because yes, yes I do.ImageImageImageThese next few crack me up. She’s gotten a little too long for her onesie and her cloth diaper is taking over here :).ImageImage

I am lucky indeed. LOVE this girl. Adam and Cristin too, but Margot? She’s something…I can’t believe that she’s already 3+ months.

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