Like many other Americans, I am finishing up the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.  Should I really be admitting that on my blog?


I go back and forth. Do I like Fifty or hate him? Do I think Ana is nuts or is what she says and does something that resonates with me? 

I am reading the books for pure entertainment purposes, as well as, of course, the need to be in the know with young kids these days. Ha. I’m kidding….ish. 

I have debated with friends about the jerkiness of Fifty and I mostly can’t defend him, but doesn’t Ana bring much of this nonsense on herself?

At this point, I’m 64% through book 3 (I read on my Kindle, so I can be precise like that) and I’m kind of ready for this series to be done.  I’m losing interest quick.

What I think is funny though, is the absolute craze that these books have created.  Have there never been books with sexual undertones before? What makes these different? I mean, I jumped on the bandwagon, so something sparked my interest…honestly, I think it was a girl friend of mine saying that “even her cheeks turned red while reading…”. Knowing her, I knew I had to read.


Just curious who else has read and what their impression was.

Like Fifty? Hate Fifty? Feel sorry for Fifty?

Like Ana? Think Ana is nuts?

I go back and forth, but like I said, I’ve lost some interest and am ready to move on.  Who’s got another (maybe a little less graphic 🙂 ) book to recommend?

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  1. I read all three. Just finished like a day ago. I seriously just wanted to be finished. I was sick of him. Sick of her. Sick of it all. But I felt like I owed it to myself to finish it. I don’t know…I don’t really care about either one of them. I’m now reading “House Rules” by Rachel Sontag. It’s a memoir…she’s from Evanston so it’s interesting to read about familiar places.

  2. i feel exactly the same way that em does. i’m 68% through book three (also on my kindle) and i’m finding myself skimming because i just want to get it over with. she annoys me. he annoys me. but felt like i HAD to read all three. not sure what i’ll read next…