four months.

Dear Simon,

I cannot believe that you are 4 months old. I will probably say that every month, but seriously?! Four months?!

Last month flew by and we really found our rhythm. Your patterns became more regular and you were a bit more predictable. There were many less tears than the months prior (on my part). I feel more in tune with you and better understand what you need out of your day in terms of naps and eating and play time. I am learning to be in the moment and accept the challenges in our day – I have loved every day with you this month. They have just felt different. Different and seriously special.

You have an amazing laugh and beautiful smile that your dad and I work for A LOT. We haven’t totally figured out what triggers your laugh, but sometimes singing funny songs or making funny noises works – you better believe we do both A LOT.

You LOVE to interact with people and things. Whenever you hold someone’s hand, toy, or anything, really, you immediately bring it to your mouth. Your favorite toys are the ones with the crinkly paper on the inside.

Although you are comfortable with people pretty quickly upon meeting them, you are starting to be more aware and therefore more apprehensive. You definitely know who your people are and are the most comfortable with us.

You are always bright eyed (unless you’re tired) and have found your voice, which is pretty cool. You are ‘talking’ a blue streak. Often when you are in your crib, just waking or just going to sleep, we hear you over the monitor talking to yourself. I love your ‘stories’ – I hope that you always want to share them with me.

You started rolling all over the place and sleeping on your tummy (with your butt in the air, which is the cutest!). I think you’re still surprised that you can roll both directions – sometimes it wakes you up but as soon as you figure out that you can roll back the other direction, you immediately fall back asleep.

Every night your dad and I put you to bed and then a couple of hours later one of us says “I want to hold that baby!”. We miss you when you’re not with us (sleeping or otherwise), but we are definitely glad that you are sleeping!

For the first time since we brought you home I feel comfortable. I actually think that I am pretty good at this mom gig. People were right, it does get easier.

We love you, sweet baby. Watching you grow is a gift that I will never tire of. We are so amazed by you.

I love you to infinity. xx.

love, mommy.

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6 thoughts on “four months.

  1. I love this. My little guy will be 4 months in 2 days and I feel like we’re finally getting settled into some semblance of routine (including a bedtime!) and things are just smoother in general. This is our second, and I had forgotten how awesome it is when they start babbling and laughing. Has Simon started teething?

    • I’m not sure if he’s teething. Lots of drool and lots of putting everything in his mouth ;). Our bedtime routine is the one thing that I can always count on. He loves it! The laughing is awesome! Enjoy your little one.

  2. I know I’ve said this a million times before, but I am in love with him. Those photos kill me. I am mega jealous of the sleeping on the stomach… we’re still getting wake up calls throughout the night to let us know she’s flipped over. She can dual-flip during the day, but not at night. I love everything else you wrote – you are a wonderful mama!!! Lots of love xo

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