fresh start.

I mentioned this last week – it’s been a bit of an up and down first 4 months of the year. There have been LOTS of great things about this year, but there has also been an overwhelming sense of personal struggle, sadness and disappointment too. If I’m honest, I’m completely over it. It’s Spring and I am ready to start FRESH. 

I am not a victim and so this post is not meant to be a pity party. I am not a victim, crappy things are happening all over this world. I know that. I also recognize that SO MUCH good has also “happened to me” this year. These are the cards I’ve been dealt. I’m ok with it, but I also think it’s ok to wish for more happiness.


On Saturday, one of my favorite people in Chicago helped me gather some fresh perspective. She sent me the best email at the start of the week telling me that Saturday was going to be a new start and that we were going to spend the day together. 

Have I mentioned that I have some seriously amazing friends?

I took her message to heart and woke up on Saturday feeling a bit lighter. I don’t want to say that I’ve let “it” go because I believe deeply that it’s important to feel “it” and gradually move on. I did, however, wake up feeling good. 

Through all of this yuck I have been SO supported by friends and family and that is the best feeling in the world.

Saturday it was sunny and warmer – we couldn’t have had a better day.

J and I went to the gym and then I met K downtown for a day of surprises. 


We met at one of my favorite places for lunch and then I didn’t know what we were doing. On my walk from the bus to the restaurant I noticed that my favorite flowers were blooming all over Michigan Ave. Just for me, I’m sure of it. 🙂

We shared a delicious lunch (and maybe had some dessert) and then went on our way. K had the whole day planned.

A few stops for shopping were included (the girl knows me well!), but mostly it was just about catching up and sharing the day.


We passed this window while we were walking and I couldn’t help but stop for a picture. I am so so so thankful for beautiful friends who know exactly what I need to get out of the funk. 

Our Saturday of fun ended at a delicious Italian restaurant where we ate too much (do you see a theme?) and finished off the meal with this…

ImageCan you think of a better way to end the day? I can’t.

A chocolate tart with salted caramel glaze, toasted meringue, banana gelato and a toasted banana. I want another one right now. Or 5.

It’s amazing how much one day with a best friend can change your mood. A fresh manicure and pedicure don’t hurt either :).


Thank you, K. I loved our day. I am so thankful for you.


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  1. i LOVE this.
    i love your day.
    i love your friends.
    i love my YOU.

  2. I LOVED our day too!!! There hasn’t been nearly enough catch up time lately so it was great to be able to spend the day – that was my favorite day in a really long time. I hope we can do it again soon (or at least a version of it :)). I love the pics we got, that one in the window is just superb!

  3. I’m so glad that you got to spoil yourself – you deserve it! I love the pictures – you seriously are an incredible photographer. xoxo