friday fifteen.

  1. I am so glad it’s the weekend. The idea of sleeping past 5:03 sounds absolutely delightful. And yes, I set my alarm clock for 5:03 during the week. 5 is just too early and I have realized that 17 minutes is the perfect amount of time to get up, get dressed and get out the door for the gym to be there by 5:30.
  2. I have been watching WAY TOO MUCH Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I should probably be too embarrassed to admit that. In the last couple of weeks I have watched all of season 1 and half of season 2. It’s not even that good, but it’s addicting. 
  3. We went to a wedding this weekend for J’s cousin. J’s aunt came up to me after the ceremony, RUBBED MY BELLY, and asked if I was pregnant. There were some tears (mine) and I almost punched her. I am chalking up the interaction to her being old and unaware, but seriously? Don’t touch my belly or I will touch yours. Oh and also, I am never wearing that JCrew dress again. Image
  4. The new Fashion Outlets of Chicago have just opened and I am way more excited about this than I should be. Luckily I already have a date planned to visit the outlets on the 17th with Amy. Also, I need a new dress for weddings :).
  5. I am obsessed with this Anthropologie blazer. Karma bought the darker one and I bought the lighter one. They are both so freaking cute. The bows on the sleeves, the cut of the sides… love. Also, I am in the office today. Image
  6. This morning I was doing planks to push-ups with my trainer. He said, “do 4 sets of 6 on each side” (so 12 per set). I said, “you mean 5 on each side?”. He said “no, 8”. That’s what I get for being a snot to my trainer. He and I have these back and forth conversations a lot. I like to negotiate. He doesn’t. Eh hem.
  7. I am going to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket in a couple of weeks. I am really excited to have a week away, but between now and then, SO MUCH WORK. I’m sleepy just thinking about it. (Good thing that I am procrastinating right now given the amount of work I have, eh?). Hopefully I have my topsiders ready.
  8. When we were in Michigan, J’s Mom decided to “clean out her closet”. She wanted to get rid of a ton of stuff. Most of that stuff was high-end handbags, shoes and clothing. On a whim I suggested selling it all on ebay (it’s in perfect condition albeit older)… and that’s when we ended up with a trunk full of couture. She gifted me a couple of new to me and in perfect condition handbags and the rest I am selling. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I posted a few things yesterday and so far so good…I have a lot more Louis Vuitton, St Johns and Stuart Weitzman to post… it will be a long while before I can get through it all.
  9. Hahahahhahaha.
  10. We want to go on vacation in December. Someplace warm. We are looking at Panama and Cabo because flights / hotels are reasonable. We looked at St. Thomas too, but the hotel we wanted was sold out. So, thoughts on either Cabo or Panama? Other ideas?
  11. I miss my dog. Like crazy. Every day I think of him. Every day I see other dogs that remind me of him. Every day I say, “I miss puppo” to J. Even if J would consider it, I am not ready for another dog, I just want mine back. I am sorry for every time I was cranky because I had to take him out for a walk in the rain or cold… I would have walked through fire for that pup.
  12. I played the Powerball this week with the hope that the $425M would be ours. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. Fortunately, I still have time to write this post instead of shower myself in dollar bills.
  13. I was looking at shoes for my friend who is getting married in October. Her dress is lacy and gorgeous and I believe that she needs perfect shoes to go with it. I’ve started the hunt for her… Though I am fairly certain that these are not appropriate for the dress, I believe that they are perfect for me. When I win the mega millions, I will have those shoes in every color. And I will save the world.
  14. Have you seen this? I was pretty shocked at my results. Kind of interesting to think about unconscious bias in this way, especially since mine went the opposite of how I thought it would.
  15. I can’t think of 15… wow, I stink. 

Happy Friday!!

5 thoughts on “friday fifteen.

  1. I would like to personally commend your not punching the belly-rubber. That is obscene.

    And #11. I get it. Always. 🙂

    We didn’t win the powerball either. Which is why I have time to sit around and play on the internet when I could otherwise be contacting my financial planner and planning out my dream house. 😉

  2. uh, i LOVED panama when i went…….. but it was like an ecotourism thing. hee. we did stay at boca del toro– which now has some super nice places to stay????

    also, you look HOT in that dress.
    belly rubbers are NOT COOL.

    also, i miss your puppers too.

    ALSO– i set my alarm for 4:53– something about the few extra minutes that makes me happy. not that i ever actually get up when it tells me to. HA.


  3. Oh gosh, lots of thoughts…
    1) I would have punched her.
    2) THAT BLAZER IS BEYOND PERFECT. Praying it goes on sale. Sharing a bank account is already proving to be rather difficult with J. Crew bills as they are.
    3) Cabo is lovely. Antigua was amazing too – highly recommend that as an option. Or Barbados. Those are my two cents. And in case you need encouraging…
    4) Would love to go to Martha’s Vineyard. I cannot wait to see pics.

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