friday five.

When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, “whatttt??” – Phil Dunphy

  1. Phil Dunphy’s Phil’s-osophy was hysterical – if you didn’t watch Modern Family this week, you should, it was a good one.
  2. I am craving brick oven pizza and am hoping to convince J that it’s exactly what he wants for dinner. Also, by the way, in my future dream house I am going to add a brick oven. And an Italian chef.
  3. Speaking of my dream house… Pinterest. Ohemgee it’s addictive. Also, it makes me want to re-decorate, re-organize, re-style and just generally re-do my entire life. Ok, not really, but it is addictive. Want a new recipe? Pinterest. Want a craft idea? Pinterest. Want to save a “look” that caught your eye on your favorite store site? Pin it. Holy moly. I probably use it for craft ideas and recipes more than anything, but I do love to find “dream home” pics and file those away for future dreams.
  4. I am tired, my bones ache and I am learning to quilt. I feel like I am having psychic visions of the 75 year old me and it looks to me like I am going to be pretty awesome (but might need drugs for the sore bones).
  5. I bought C a new bone the other day because his old one was on the verge of being a home for every type of bacteria imaginable. When I bought said bone, I ordered from Amazon (of course) and accidentally bought one that is probably a tad too big for C. To my credit, I ordered the one for dogs 50lbs and over (he’s 67lbs) and I was just trying to be good to my dog.

It’s a little bigger. And heavier.

I need to capture a picture of him carrying it, but it’s basically the size of his head, which means that carrying it is a little awkward. When he’s actually chewing on it he quite enjoys himself, so I think we’re ok. And hey, no chance of choking!

Happy weekend!

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  1. I literally watched Modern Family at 8am before driving to Austin after reading this in the morning. Phil is hysterical. I cannot get enough of him.

    I cannot wait to see this house of yours. With the brick over. And the Italian chef.

    I avoid Pinterest because it would be the death of my career.

    My mom is a quilter. Y’all would really get along.

    That bone is ginormous. Absolutely, 100% huge.

  2. i haven’t seen one episode of modern family this season and it’s making me cranky. i love that show, but can’t seem to catch it when it’s on. and it’s not on on-demand AND i keep forgetting to check if it’s online somewhere. must try and catch up!