Friday Fun | Finds From Around the Web #12

It’s Friday and I am totally doing a happy dance. You can’t see my happy dance, but I am doing it. All day. For real. Here’s some fun stuff from the internet this week…


Dip-dye and Mod Podge oh my…

Would you ride in a driverless car?

There’s a new baby hippo at the San Diego zoo.

What contractions really feel like.

Comedians in cars – Jimmy Fallon.

Uptown Funk Passover addition. And 5 Manischewitz Cocktails.

Indians taste American snacks.

38 Inspirational leadership quotes.

My kind of life hack.

The foldable apartment.

What share-worthy things did you see this week?

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun | Finds From Around the Web #12

  1. Love the DIY stuff!! I can’t wait to finally have my new apartment in order so I can start playing with stuff! I’ll have to look back at all your posts related to DIY and make a collection of which I want to start

  2. So, how cool was the 450 square foot apartment for…wait…$1,000,000? Did you see a walk in closet or bathroom?

  3. Okay, I want my DIYs to look like those. Whenever I try anything, it looks… like… a DIY. I am awful. And those contractions comments are hilarious. And spot on. Love these round ups. How do you find these?!??! You’re amazing.

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