Friday Fun | Finds From Around the Web #13

I always say this, but I am SO glad that it’s Friday. I was sick on and off much of the week (feeling MUCH better now) and I’m tired. I know that weekends don’t equal more sleep these days, but they do equal not sitting in front of my computer all day working and that counts for something.

Here are some fun things that I found around the web this week. Happy procrastinating. 🙂

How to cope with “mom guilt” at work.

Woman recreates faces from discarded materials containing DNA.

Have you tried Date Night Now from Sitter City? Apparently NYC / Chicago first timers can get 4 free hours of babysitting. I don’t know about leaving the baby with someone that I’ve never met until the night of… thoughts?

I’m all about the top-knot. Though mine is much less sculpted and much more “wow, she doesn’t sleep much, does she?”.

Amazon, you’re doing too much. Would you use this?

Ha – great April Fools joke from A Beautiful Mess.

How to shop at Forever 21 when you’re over 21.

Happy Passover from Technion.

Happy Passover and Happy Easter to those that celebrate. Have a great weekend!

p.s. The perfect nursing bra giveaway is still open here.