Friday Fun | Finds From Around the Web #14

TGIF! Hope you all had a good week! Here are a few fun finds from around the web this week…

You Are Amazing | Hook, Thread & TinkerImage credit – unknown

Wait, seriously? This is a thing? No.

Eggcellent ways to upcycle your plastic eggs.

Choose Beautiful.

Strong is the new pretty.

Undisclosed – The story of Adnan Syed continues.

I’m no angel.

E-mail in real life.

At home manicure tips.

Tom Hanks reenacts all his films in 7 minutes.

Doll make-unders.

“Style” parody for “want to get fit” moms.

Baby elephant reunites with mama elephant.

Did you see anything great on the web this week? Please share it in the comments!!