Friday Fun | Finds From Around the Web #2

Collating my favorite finds from the web this week… here are a few good finds:

A beautiful video about what it means to just be kind.

As an ex-consultant and frequent traveler who has made my way through the Atlanta airport (and others) more times than I’d like to know, this “Day in the Life” of ATL is super interesting.

Questions to create or support a minimalist lifestyle. This isn’t a new article, but I happened upon it and was especially taken by the Food section.

Could occasional fasting equate to better health?

iOS8 tips that you probably haven’t heard about.

The Psychological Reason why we like certain songs.

How the iOT (internet of things) could change our life

Will Girl Scout cookie sales change with the introduction of website ordering? (<– I just ordered from a co-worker’s daughter and they arrived in TWO days…)

Two of my favorite bloggers share their ideas about how to appropriately talk to moms. 1/2

As a person who has conducted my fair share of interviews… what you say vs what they hear

Happy weekending!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fun | Finds From Around the Web #2

  1. I just watched the video you shared about what it means to be kind and has inspired me to want to get back into volunteering like I used to do when I lived in LA. If you are aware of good organization to get involved with I’ll take any recommendations. Also, just bought Girl Scout cookies from a coworkers daughter… How can I say no?! But that means I’ll end up eating then all!

    • I almost just recommended a work program and then remembered that you left. sadness. I’ll think about it! Let’s get brunch/lunch/shopping soon!!!

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