Friday Fun | Finds From Around the Web #4

Today I decided that in addition to sharing some of my favorite finds around the web I also want to highlight some of my favorite podcasts of late. I’ve been into podcasts at the gym, at my desk, or while in the car…here’s the list of my latest favorites:


Stuff Mom Never Told You – All about women, entertaining and interesting topics.

Elise Gets Crafty – Blogging, small business and creativity, a very inspiring podcast with great interviews.

The Jug Hug Show (note, lots of swearing) – What girls actually talk about.

TED Radio Hour – Ideas, fresh thoughts, inventions

StartUp – Starting a business when you know nothing. (Thanks Tara for introducing me to this one!)

It’s hard to keep up with episodes week to week, but I enjoy catching them as I have time to listen. What are you listening to these days?


70th Anniversary of Auschwitz – A drone flies over for a view of what the concentration camp looks like – unimaginable. (This link is not shared as “Friday Fun” – just thought it was an important view of the camp.)

Budweiser’s Lost Dog Super Bowl Ad

Daycare gave a baby the wrong breastmilk. What would you do?

If Disney Princesses had Realistic Hair

A glass of red wine as good as working out. Believe it?

The final scene of Parenthood and Saying Goodbye to Parenthood– everything you want to know. (SPOILER ALERT)

Ha. Toddler Course Catalogue Spring 2015.


5 thoughts on “Friday Fun | Finds From Around the Web #4

  1. Yay for the shout out! Another good podcast I’ve been listening to lately is Invisibilia from NPR. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but very intriguing stories. Each week is about a topic that we can’t physically see and the topic is told through 2-3 individuals’ stories. The first episode was about history of thoughts.

  2. WAIT. This red wine thing. Do you believe it? This could be life changing. Seems legit.

    I cannot watch the drone video without SOBBING. Like hard. I’ve tried twice. So emotional. Crying now that I’m talking about it so moving on.

    How did you find that day care milk thing?!?!?!

    • Ha… re red wine… really?
      The video is pretty awesome, totally agree. Thinking about it… wow.
      I found it on Reddit – the milk thing. CRAZY right?

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