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Last year one of my favorite kind of blog posts to read was when my favorite bloggers collated their favorite articles or findings from the web that week. I thought that in 2015 I would push myself a bit to explore on my own – and since I’m exploring anyway, I’ll share with you each week. Here are some favorites from the web this week:

Taylor Swift “Blank Space” and “Style” duet cover or just get lost in Louisa Wendroff’s YouTube Channel

More on Serial – I keep going back and forth

Woman is surprised by how much her baseball cards are worth on Antique Roadshow

Bringing hours of fun to your text messages – Bitmoji – I will only text using my avatar from now on, obviously.


Tina Fey and the Importance of Free Speech in Comedy

Turn an old book into a purse

Ask Us Anything – Ben and Jerry speak to Reddit

7 Ways to fall back asleep in 10 minutes or less

Jimmy Fallon misses out on dating Nicole Kidman, watch the video

The ladies of Downton Abbey play cards against humanity

I’d love to hear what you’ve found this week – anything awesome?

I stayed up past my bedtime last night watching Homeland. We just started season 4 and we keep saying “let’s just watch one more”… it’s SO good. No spoilers please.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun | Finds From Around the Web

  1. I love my new personalized emoji person. This is a SUPERB find. Also, the tips to fall back asleep – I fail at all of those. Don’t run frantically into your child’s nursery because you can’t see her on the monitor – that’s another good one. Isla manages to get herself into a tiny ball in the one corner we can’t see and I don’t want to wall mount the monitor… did y’all? Help!

    PS I love link love posts!!!!

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