getting acclimated.

Being the new girl is always the hardest part, right?

When someone says, “in a couple of weeks this will all seem so easy…” I don’t care for that statement… it rubs me the wrong way. I’m sensitive like that. I KNOW that it will all seem easier when I know people’s names and have new acronyms down and all of that… but don’t discount my need to learn now please… and thank you.

I HATE being the new girl. I’m terrible at it, actually…

It’s not because I like to know everything (though it would be nice to be REAL smart like that) it’s just because I don’t like looking like an idiot :).

I am spending some time this week getting up to speed. Reading A LOT. Getting to know my new, globally diverse team.

We spend a lot of time on video conference. Video conference at 7AM = me waking at 6:15, procrastinating, putting on yoga pants and a dress shirt (work on top, party on the bottom – it’s like a work mullet!) and pretending that my hair looks totally appropriate for a work call.

Change is good. I wanted this. I am excited albeit a tad overwhelmed.

Cohen is thoroughly confused on why he is hanging out in the office all day and why I walked him on a Tuesday when his friends from Bark Place usually do it. I think he’s pretty happy though, so I’m not too worried about his confusion.  If his confusion could stop waking him up at 5AM, that would also be nice.

I need to figure out when I am going to work out.  Having calls at 7 means that I can’t do a full workout before morning calls and look presentable for video conference, so although I prefer getting it over with, I think nighttime is going to have to work.

Tonight I am doing boot camp at my gym and tomorrow Karma and I are trying boxing. Hold me. If I keep this up I am going to have killer arms and then I will hold you… or something like that. (<– OMG, have I lost my ability to be funny?!?!)

New York was REAL fun. At some point this week, when I can lift my head out from under my massive pile of materials to read and learn and listen to, I’ll post some pictures.

Basically we ate too much and walked a TON. Also, it was hot. Very very hot.

More later. Off to pick up the pup from doggie daycare. Happy me!

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  1. How are you worried about losing your ability to be funny after the work mullet comment??? I’m so excited about your new role – I cannot wait to hear all about it.

    I love that you and Cohen are getting to spend more time together, although I’ve yet to see an increase in Instagram pics of him (let’s change that, please?).

    I want to know how boxing goes. I’ve never gone. But always wanted to. I also love your new People Page profile – jogging is an interest! Makes me so happy.

    I wish our NYC trips overlapped. Your pictures made me really happy.

    Sad that we are not in OKC together (only the last part makes me sad), but so glad I can stay up-to-date with your blog!

  2. Okay, I guess it wants to work now. I’ll try to remember what I said…

    First, how can you be worried about not being funny with that cracker of a work mullet joke? You have nothing to fear. Also, I’ve been in my robe until about 3pm every day. I need to get back on site.

    Second, I love that you and Cohen are spending more time together – but sad that I haven’t seen any updates on Instagram.

    Also upset that our NYC trips didn’t overlap, but it looks like y’all had a BLAST 🙂

    Cannot wait to hear more about the new J.O.B. Was that “jogging” that I spotted on your new People Page profile? Makes me realllllllllllll excited.

  3. laughing so hard at your work mullet… awesome!

    being the new girl is tough (i know this well right now too!), but i’m hoping your adjusting and loving your new project and role. thinking of you!