Gift Ideas for a New Mom

I cannot believe that the holidays are just around the corner – I am *this* close to being done with my shopping and wrapping, which feels pretty good. I love the searching for the gifts and the wrapping of the gifts, but WHY does wrapping always take 5x longer than I anticipate?

In our house we put gifts on the ledge of the staircase because we don’t really have space for them anywhere else. I always get sad after they’re all gone because they look really nice lined up all shiny and ready to be ripped in to…and then Hanukkah comes and goes and they are done.

I just had a friend ask me if there were any special things that I could think of to give a new mom for the holidays, so I thought that I could put together a ‘last minute gift ideas’ for new moms list…I know that I have loved or would have loved any of these. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Gifts for New Mom

Night Nurse: Let mom (and dad!) get a really great night of sleep while they know that someone else is taking care of their new baby.

I wish that I would have done this in the first 6 weeks after Simon was born. I would have functioned MUCH better if I had done this a few times – sleep is critical and when you’re not getting it it’s REALLY hard to make rationale decisions.

Google “night nurse” or “night nanny” in your area and see what you find. Typically they charge by the hour and I’ve seen sites in Chicago that even offer gift cards.

Bath BombsGive mom the gift of a shower or bath – better yet, give her something like a bath bomb AND the gift of time to take the bath — encourage her to actually RELAX and not rush to take care of the baby.

One Line a Day JournalI have mentioned this on the blog before – such a great way to document small events, big milestones, and general activities with baby. This is something that I use daily and absolutely love.

GroceriesHave groceries delivered so that mom doesn’t have to think about it. Send the basics – milk, eggs, coffee…(p.s. use that instacart link for $10 off your first order + free delivery).

Thank You NotesHand-written notes are classy and new moms typically have a lot to be thankful for. A beautiful set of cards is always appreciated.

Chocolate: If all else fails, send chocolate. It’s probably good that no one got me this gift set of Ghiradelli chocolate because it would have disappeared immediately. When you’re not sleeping and you feel a bit out of control, chocolate helps, it really does.

Dry ShampooI know it’s not the most exciting gift, but when you don’t have time to shower or don’t have time to do your hair, dry shampoo can come in very handy.

New UnderwearAfter my pregnancy this was something that I really wanted – just a little something to feel like me again… that said, do yourself a favor and make sure that you gift the underwear that she’ll actually wear and fit into… make sure you’re not introducing a style that she wouldn’t have worn pre-baby because if she wouldn’t have worn it before, she’s very unlikely to wear it now.

NecklaceI LOVE these Helen Ficalora letter charms and I think that they’re a perfect gift for a new mom. I have a gold necklace with a J, M & S and I absolutely adore it. I also get compliments every time I wear it. It’s simple and goes with everything.

What else would you add to my list? What were your favorite “new mom” gifts?

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