I checked into my hotel this morning (hello monday) and the woman at the front desk said, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone else?”

After I told her that no one has said that I looked like someone else since I wore big glasses and my brother compared me to Becca from Life Goes On (the look really is uncanny) on a daily basis….


Image from Google Images.

(If only I could still pull off this oh-so-flattering 80’s look.)

… She didn’t get the reference.  She did, however, tell me that I look like the girl from the HBO show, Girls.  She said, “…The weird one. Not that you’re weird, just that your faces look similar and your facial expressions are really similar.”

Ok then.

Girls is on my list of shows to watch, but I haven’t yet due to lack of HBO.

Anyway, of course I went to work and immediately looked up the website for Girls to try to see who in the heckfire this woman thinks I look like. I cannot figure it out.

I am assuming it’s not Lena Dunham.


Image from here.

It can’t be Allison Williams.


Image from IMDB.

And seriously, it’s not Zosia…


Image from here.

So enlighten me. Who do I kind of look like, but don’t act quite as weird as? Maybe if I watch the show, I’ll make the connection to my doppelganger.

The woman at the front desk seemed to be embarrassed, thinking that I likely get told all of the time that I look like this mystery actress.

Maybe whomever she is needs a stunt-double and I can quit my day job.

Any idea?

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  1. I haven’t seen that show either…but I guess out of the three you look the most like the top one! I really wish I had HBO though…heard it’s great. 🙂 )

    PS: We were apparently on each other’s blogs at the same exact time because my email just popped up that you commented. 🙂