globe smart?

I took a Globe Smart assessment at work last week. It’s not one of those surveys that scores you on your overall smarts of working globally, but it places you on a spectrum against 5 factors:

  1. Independent vs Interdependent
  2. Egalitarianism vs Status
  3. Risk vs Restraint
  4. Direct vs Indirect
  5. Task vs Relationship

I’ve taken personality surveys in the past and I am almost always in the middle or very close to the middle. I’ve always told myself that it means that I’m balanced. Perfect, really :).

This time though, when I took this assessment, I was tipping left on all factors. Maybe it’s a result of switching jobs or working from home more, but something has definitely changed in my personality. I didn’t think so, but taking this survey and then hearing my team talk about my results this morning made me realize…

At first I was embarrassed by these results with the thought that WOW! I am turning into the Driver that I always hated working for! But, as I started to read the definitions of each factor, I realized that each of the factors is important in becoming a leader. I’ve been forced to be a different type of manager in my current role than I had to be in other roles because I can’t talk to my team whenever I want. I can’t stop by their desk to ask a question. Sure, we use social collaboration and video calls to make working remotely work effective, but it’s not the same. I have to be more prescriptive in how I spend time with my team. Basically, I always have to be on top of my game.

I’m more comfortable with my results today than I was a week ago, especially after talking to my team. I believe a bit more that these results are independent with who I am as a person. I am innately and probably to a fault relationship driven, but that doesn’t also mean that I don’t need to get tasks done as part of my job. I am comfortable that I can be both. I am comfortable that across all of these factors I can adapt based on my audience, the work I’m doing and the degree to which I need to be each of these things. I’m comfortable that growing as a leader means that being adaptable is an important part of my journey.

I hope that I am never the person that I hate working for. I hope that relationships are always important to me. I also hope that I am always learning and adapting and growing professionally. I’m not sure what the balance is there, but I’m curious if others are asking the same question. Have you ever taken a similar survey? What did the results tell you?

I feel happier. In life and at work. I wonder if feeling happier influences my score too? Happiness = confidence??

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  1. I’m awful with those types of tests, because I’m always wishy-washy on the answers. I think that you are wonderful to work for, so unless you’ve turned into a monster in your own home, I wouldn’t worry at all. All I know is – your A3 score must be through the roof.