guilty pleasures.

The first 10ish weeks of my maternity leave were spent in an all over haze trying to figure out how to care for Simon and how to care for myself at the same time, but now that I feel like life is starting to normalize (whatever that means), I am spending more time indulging in some guilty pleasures while I still have the “time”.

Don’t get me wrong, I indulged at the start of my maternity leave too, but at that time my guilty pleasures were more of the ice cream variety.

It was necessary.

Now that Simon is sleeping better and we’re all leaving the house frequently, my indulgences have been less about ice cream (though I’d be lying if I said we don’t occasionally enjoy a scoop at my favorite local shop, George’s).

In no particular order, some of my favorite indulgences in the last couple of months…

TJ Maxx – I am totally a Maxxinista and I am ok with that label. I love the thrill of digging through the racks to find something perfect for less than I would typically spend. There is an awesome and large TJ Maxx about 20 minutes from our house and I have been frequenting it a lot lately – especially after I found out that they receive shipments on Tuesdays and Fridays. I buy some of mine, J’s and Simon’s clothes there and I buy a lot of housewares there – I love the Runway section the best. A few times this month after Simon is in bed and J is home I have gone out to TJ Maxx to decompress. I spent some quality time digging and found some great items! Last night I went to get new sheets – I got $175 sheets for $39.99. Success. The last time I went I bought J a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans and myself a Rebecca Taylor for about half (maybe even less) what they cost at department stores.

Trader Joe’s – This isn’t a grocery store that I normally frequent because I can’t get everything that I need in one place, but since I’ve been using Instacart for staples from the other grocery store, I have stopped by Trader Joe’s with a bit more frequency. Word to the wise, don’t walk in hungry. Hello snacks. Whoops.

Bachelor in Paradise – Should I even admit to this one? Probably not… I watched the last season of the Bachelor. I never cared about this show at all but for some reason (sleeplessness?) I started watching it this season and got completely sucked in. Now I am watching Bachelor in Paradise and even though it’s absolutely trashy and terrible, I still love watching the train wreck that is Monday night on ABC. I have J hooked too… I especially enjoy watching it with him for the commentary. “Why is she so stupid?” “Where did he get that, the Bachelor gift shop?”…We’re jealous of the amazing dates in Tulum, Mexico but otherwise spend the time talking about how ridiculous the show is. As stupid as it is, they must be doing something right because we are watching and talking about it…

Restoration Hardware – We just redid our bedroom and I am obsessed with our new furniture. Post coming soon – just waiting on our new mattress that I am way too excited about.

Naps – I don’t know that this is so much an indulgence as a necessity that I have allowed myself. J has also been fantastic about letting me nap on the weekends, which is awesome.

I am positive that there are other things, like manicures and pedicures, that I could consider an indulgence too, but I am hoping that most of these things (ok, maybe not Bachelor in Paradise, but it will be replaced by the Bachelorette I am sure) will stick around when I go back to work. Maybe I should stop indulging in the Trader Joe’s licorice and mini chocolate chip cookies, however. Eh hem.

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2 thoughts on “guilty pleasures.

  1. Okay, I want George’s too! They even have a vegan flavor 🙂

    I am a total Maxxinista too – somehow I managed to miss that they sell clothes online now? What? I love browsing though. The best TJ Maxx in town (Houston) is a bit of a chaotic drive, but it’s worth it. I have steered clear on the one here in Durango… I bet they get lots of tassels.

    I also love love love Trader Joe’s (and feel similarly about the fact you can’t get it all). Our TV weakness has been Love It or List It Too, which bizarrely has Jillian Harris in it (the Bachelorette on Sasha’s season). He still doesn’t think she’s pretty and I have a serious female crush.

    I want to go to Tulum and today I really need a nap.

    Love that your added free time has allowed for most posts!!! xoxoxox

    • Hahaha, tassels. Maybe you’d rock the tassels?! George’s is amazeballs. Come here and eat TJs licorice and George’s ice cream with us! 🙂

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