Hanukkah Crafts for Kids

Happy Hanukkah to those that celebrate – hopefully you’re enjoying the festivities! I am super jealous of those of you that enjoyed homemade brisket, latkes and other yummy food last night. We just didn’t get around to making a full Hanukkah meal… maybe later in the week, but I started an extremely limited sugar diet this week, so I am skipping the latkes and sufganiyot this year – sad! It was probably really silly for me to start a diet this week, but I could think of 100 excuses for there never to be a good time so I decided to do it. We’ll see how this goes :)…

While we aren’t talking about fried Hanukkah foods we might as well talk about cute Hanukkah crafts for the kiddos or kids at heart. I found some great ideas across the web and have included them here for your reference.  Let me know if you do any of them!

Cardboard Tube Menorah…we have been collecting toilet paper tubes for zoo animals, but maybe they should be rededicated to a menorah this week.

Star of David Mobile…this seems easy enough – pipe cleaners, string…


I love this reverse water color menorah. So cool!

This handprint menorah is perfect for little hands.

Handprint Menorah

This Stained Glass Menorah is awesome. I think it would look great in a sunny window.

Stained Glass Menorah

Make your own Hanukkah candles with this Beeswax Candle Kit.

Find these crafts and other Hanukkah ideas on my Hanukkah board that I started on Pinterest. Of course, you can always play dreidel or make a Hanukkah sensory bin / bottle

Do you have favorite Hanukkah crafts or traditions to share? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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