Hanukkah Recap

I haven’t blogged in several days so I am doing a bit of catch-up with this one.

We have had a whirlwind few days away (from home and from the computer) and it’s been SO good. It was good to escape the cold weather in Chicago for the sunny skies of Mexico (more on that trip soon), good to catch up with family (some of whom hadn’t met Simon yet), and good to step away from work for a few days. I have to say, it was nice to semi-disconnect. It also feels REALLY good to be home.

Before we left we celebrated Hanukkah with family and friends in Chicago.


I have no idea why we only have one picture of the menorahs lit, but we do and that’s the best there is – from the iPhone. The menorah in front is a homemade menorah that Simon’s Saba (grandfather) made for him out of Melissa and Doug blocks. It has Simon’s name on it – very cute despite the awful picture.

Simon was very spoiled this year and we are feeling very thankful for the gifts that he received. Highlights include the wooden Pottery Barn menorah from Ailee of Snapshots & My Thoughts and a seriously cute Hape scoot toy (similar) from Aunt Cristin, Uncle Adam and cousin M. Simon was showered with clothes and books and loads of love…. so lucky.

Here are a few pictures of Simon opening up his Green Toys firetruck and school bus that J and I gave him on the first night of Hanukkah. We love Green Toys and these are super cute.

Please ignore the disaster zone that is our living room and rug and open closet. Note to self, zoom in, close the gate on the stairs and the hall pantry. Eh, this is real life.


Simon was a super fan of opening this present (only this one though, others he was uninterested in). And yes, he TOTALLY looks like an old man in his dinosaur PJs from his Lola (J’s mom).

It’s hard to believe that Hanukkah has come and gone. The wrapping paper, candles and menorahs have been put away for next year.

I hope that you enjoyed down time with your family and friends over the last few days as well.

2 thoughts on “Hanukkah Recap

  1. I love these photos! I am obsessed with cute little Simon. I’m glad y’all had a wonderful Hanukkah and cannot wait to hear more about Mexico. You’re so funny re: background of the photos because only YOU would look at that – I swear I didn’t notice at all before reading the post. xo

    • Ha thanks. Since that is the room where we do the majority of our playing, that rug gets SO gross – it shows everything, which is annoying and I vacuum it constantly. I need a Roomba, stat.

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