hear my heart.

I grew up in a family that loves music.  With a Dad who used to take me to the symphony, with a brother who has perfect pitch and who introduced me to my first mixed tape and a Mom who has sung in choirs her entire life.  Music has always been a part of me.  I sing, but that mainly (sadly) happens in the shower nowadays.

There are songs that I could listen to on repeat for hours and sometimes it feels like I need hours worth of distraction from the loud room at work.  The problem with those songs is that they make me think a lot, so that’s distracting when I should be thinking about work.

There a song I’ve been listening to, it’s by a Jewish artist that I was introduced to this summer, Josh Nelson.  It’s called L’Dor Vador (from generation to generation).  I could honestly listen to it all day.  I don’t know why – it just resonates with my life right now.

Josh Nelson – L’Dor Vador

I also don’t know why I chose to write about this today – probably because I’ve had my headphones in all morning and this is what I am thinking about while eating lunch. …And maybe because I just want to know what you’re listening to right now. Tell me, please – I need some new music in my life.

In other news, if I was with her today, I’d sing a loud, hearty, hairbrush as my microphone rendition of Happy Birthday.  Happy Birthday, Jess.  I don’t see you NEARLY enough, but I think about you always and miss you LOTS.  Hope today is perfection.  Xx.


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  1. i can hear you singing through this post and it makes my heart happy. your voice is so beautiful.
    and happy birthday j-moe!
    love you BOTH.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, friend! “It’s my birfday!!” You’re a great friend… love & moose you (and g-moe too!)!!