hello july.

Am I the only one who feels like it was just December? I am not quite sure where the last few months have gone, but I am quite sure that they are a blur. 

I am so excited for a long weekend this weekend. This weekend, more so than any recently, reminds me that I miss my pup so very very much. Cohen was terrified of fireworks. It used to break my heart all week seeing Cohen quiver in the corner as people who can’t wait for the 4th light off fireworks. Last night we heard our first “boom”, which J told me was gun fire until I reminded him that it was more likely fireworks (to be fair, it could have been either – this is Chicago). My first instinct was to look in the corner of the room where Cohen’s bed would have been… I miss that dog like crazy.

On a lighter note…

Hello fresh month, fresh start, fresh air… 

Hello needing to get back on track with life. I somehow manage to be on track with one thing (in this case, working out) and off track with many others (like project life and keeping my desk clean). It’s like my brain can’t handle more than one thing.

Hello old lady brain?

Hello bathroom still in pieces. I have made the calls I needed to make, but everyone is busy and who knows when actual work will start.

Hello pretending that the mess in the guest bedroom will clean itself. Also, I might need to douse everything in that corner of the house in febreeze. Or wash it. It stinks. 

Hello the possibility of having to tear up all of our floors downstairs. 

Hello let’s just move?

Hello good opportunity to clean and purge?

Hello week 2 of a 2 week low low low sugar diet. I am not as cranky as I was when this first started, but it is SO hard. I cheated and ate Papa Del’s pizza when we were in Champaign last weekend… 



…and I might have just cried to myself because I want chocolate and a cookie (NOW!!), but I am making progress. 

I think that this is my trainer’s special form of torture. That I pay him for. I am glad that I only have 1 more week of this. With a long weekend to avoid sugar – yay! (<– That’s sarcasm and if you didn’t know that, please stop reading).

Hello trying to remind myself that I am choosing to do this. Patience with myself is sometimes the hardest form of patience.

Hello Dexter. OMG J and I just finished the last episode of last season last night (that’s a lot of lasts!) and I cannot WAIT for this season. Is he going to get caught?!?!?! 

Happy July 1. Happy low sugar eating. Grumble.

Hello structure was copied from Gabby. Thanks for being cooler than me so that I can copy you, Gabby :).

0 thoughts on “hello july.

  1. i love you.
    and am with you on the how is it july idea here because WE ARE TWINSIES.
    you rock to do this low sugar thing.
    i drank 3 tablespoons of it in my coffee alone this morning!
    teach me your ways.
    i hope you have the best long weekend.
    huge hugs to you.

  2. WAIT. HA.
    i just saw that last line.
    i stole it from someone who stole it from someone else! HA.
    i love us.

  3. I love the hellos! I don’t love that they haven’t fixed the bathroom or your super extreme sugar intake, but hope that you have a wonderful July Fourth regardless. Cohen is definitely going to enjoy watching fireworks from above – don’t you think they’d be less scary from a bird’s eye view?

    • Thanks, Ailee. Love that thought. And now I am teary again. At least this time it’s not because I want a cookie.

  4. hello i love you. and your friend ailee for what she said about cohen watching from above. LOVE that. so very much. i’m guessing cohen and newton watched together b/c newt? he was terrified of the fireworks too.

    also, if you’re thinking of moving, i hear oregon is lovely.