holding my breath.

For the first time since we brought Simon home from the hospital, he slept through the night last night. I define sleeping through the night as a solid 6+ hour stretch of sleep at a time when J and I are also sleeping. I hope that I am not jinxing anything by putting this out in the blogosphere, but PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING, Simon!!!

7PM to 11:45 (eat) and 12:10 – 6:15AM. Seriously, I WILL TAKE IT. So so so proud of the little man. Now let’s just keep this progress going! 

We’ve been doing a solid bedtime routine since Simon was about 4 or 5 weeks old. We knew that it was critical to establish a bedtime routine early on to create good sleep habits and although the sleep is only now improving, I am happy that we’ve got the routine down.

The routine lasts about 45 minutes, including nursing and Simon is always in his crib “for the night” by 7/7:15.

Our bedtime ritual ALWAYS involves at least one story, usually 2. We (ok, I) have some favorites that I reach for over and over again.






All of these are books that I could read over and over again – they’re well written, cute / funny and many of them have beautiful illustrations.

I’m continually on the hunt for great books – I’d actually say that I am sort of book obsessed. I look for books wherever we go and I order them online. Simon was lucky enough to be enrolled in his Aunt Cristin’s monthly book club when he was born, so she gives him a shiny new book every month, which is super fun.

What children’s books are on your list of favorites?



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  1. GO SIMON!!! Do it again!!

    I don’t have any of those books! I need to get them. I love BabyLit books, God Gave Us You, and Snuggle Puppy. We only brought a handful of books here, so those are on repeat. I want to incorporate books into Isla’s bed time, but after the bath she is single track minded about one thing – MILK. Do you read before feeding?

  2. We do bath, dress, feed, swaddle, read, song, bed… Simon gets a little frantic after his bath if it’s been longer than a couple of hours between feeds (he normally does 3 hours between…). Get the books, they’re great!

  3. Amazon affiliate success? Which is the best? Simon is a good little listener – Isla gets so anxious. The thing she likes to do most in life is stand up (very, very assisted). Maybe she can ‘stand’ and I’ll read? I love your new fonts!! AND Hook, Thread and Stinker? Ha! Love.

  4. Yes, success! The day the Crayons quit is really cute. And the Mouse and the Strawberry… and 5 little monkeys reading in bed makes Simon laugh, which may be because of my “mama” voice, but whatever… Thanks – sadly I’ve been working on the format all day during every nap.

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