Anthropologie Furniture Lust

If you’ve been here for awhile, you know that J and I have been dreaming of a new home, occasionally popping into open houses and more occasionally perusing the app. Although walking through homes, driving through neighborhoods, and frequently looking at the real estate apps is helping us narrow our focus on the type of home / neighborhood that we desire, it is also giving me some serious house envy.

We were looking at “just sold” listings for comps when considering a home recently and there was one with the most gorgeous master bath that I have ever seen. It had a bathtub inside the shower. I didn’t know that I cared so much about a master bath (other than it has to look good and have 2 sinks with ample storage and counter space – ok, so I care) until all of the sudden I did and now I need a master bath with a bathtub in the shower (right?!). Gorgeous.

Anyway, while dreaming of my new dream home (where money is no object because I am dreaming), I often think about what needs to go inside said home and I find myself daydreaming with the Anthropologie catalog in hand.

If you know me outside of my blog you know that 3/4 of my closet has been purchased at Anthropologie. I love a lot of what they make (and can’t understand some of it too), but I am intrigued by their furniture.

As I mature (ha!) I find that my tastes are leaning towards heavier, more impactful, Restoration Hardware-like statement pieces with a bit of bargain hunting pieces thrown in. We just redid our bedroom (more soon!) with a healthy mix of classic adult pieces and some bargain pieces. I have the same attitude with furniture that I do with clothes… if you wear 1-2 quality items with some less-expensive items, you give the impression that your overall look is put together and high quality.

Many of the Anthropologie furniture pieces fall into the unrealistic / ridiculous category, but many of them are absolutely GORGEOUS (and absolutely over-priced) and pair perfectly with my other Restoration Hardware dreams.

I have shared some of my dream-worthy Anthropologie furniture favorites below – they’re probably making my husband cringe as he is reading because this is NOT his style… but I love it. I mean, that wallpaper!!!

Which pieces are your favorites?

Anthropologie Wallpaper Anthropologie Wallpaper

Hook Thread & Tinker Anthropolgie Furniture Favorites - CHAIRS

KalverCotswold | Tufted Wingback | Cushioned WoodworkLeather Tillie

Hook Thread & Tinker - Anthropologie Furniture Favorites

Retractable Writing Desk | Campaign CanopyLawrence DresserBone Inlay Side Table

Hook Thread & Tinker Anthropologie Furniture Favorites 2

Orianna Settee | Kansai Bookcase | Tree Rings | Curator Cabinet | Wooden Bar Cart

If I had endless cash my house would be so amazing! Until I find money growing on trees, I’ll plan to stick to my opinion that it is possible to mix high-quality furniture with bargain pieces and have the overall look feel mature and well put together.

How do you piece your home together? Any advice or thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Anthropologie Furniture Lust

  1. The bathtub in the shower is pretty amazing (and creative)- how awesome would that be for bathing little ones? Splash away!! I do like that anthopologie wallpaper too. When it comes to furniture, I am not as bold and creative as some of those pieces (I wish I was)… I get made fun of for grey and beige decor. But I’m with you on having a few nice pieces to mix with the bargains. Makes the room look great- and good quality furniture lasts forever.

    • I like the beige and gray myself, actually :). I absolutely love a pop of color in a side chair though. If I thought that J would let me do the wallpaper I would totally do it in an office or bathroom.

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