how do YOU use pinterest?

I was on the computer today at my parent’s house and I pulled up Pinterest like I do when I am looking for inspiration, recipes, etc. Today I was just wasting time while the baby was napping and before we were going out, but we all started talking about what Pinterest is and how we use it — the 4 of us all had different opinions of how to use it and what we would use it for.

When I first joined Pinterest I wanted to find and pin the coolest pins (to of course, be re-pinned) and find beautiful things to have the prettiest online pin boards, similar to how I wanted to have a perfectly beautiful bulletin board in my room when I was in high school. However, I quickly realized that Pinterest was more than just creating pretty virtual boards.

In the last few months I have used Pinterest to keep track of recipes, lust-worthy items like this (swoon!), inspiration for design ideas, etc. I love that I can share boards and create private boards. I love that I can re-pin from cool things that other people find or that I can track my own cool finds.

The ability to create private boards is really clever too.

When I was pregnant I created a private baby board and was able to pin things I really wanted for the baby or decor ideas for the baby’s room before I was ready to tell the world that I was pregnant but was thinking about it 24×7 (and therefore pinning all of the things that I thought I “needed”) – it ended up being a comprehensive way to track what would eventually end up on my registry.

Last month my husband and I shared a board to redo out master bedroom. He pinned things that he came across and liked and I pinned things that I liked. It actually saved us a lot of time because we were able to get on the same page about what we wanted / needed pretty quickly.

I have definitely noticed that the more I pin the more specific my boards need to be. I have some generic boards like “fashion” and “Dream Home” where I pin a ton of things and rarely go back and look at them (but they are REAL pretty).

The boards that I use the most are very specific, like the way I track recipes by “soup“, “breads and muffins“, and “salads“. The more specific they are the easier it is to go back and find something. For recipes, for example, I like that I can say, “I feel like making soup”, and then go directly to that board to find it.

I re-pinned this great quote today…

quote -pinterest

Inspiration comes in all forms and is always nice to find. 🙂

I’m curious how you use Pinterest. What tips and tricks do you have? What cool things have you found lately?

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  1. I use it exactly like that. I think I will try coming up with more specific pin boards because you are right…I hardly ever go back and look at them when they are full of so many things! Good tip 🙂