i’m breaking them down.

I was at the gym bright and early this morning.

A trainer talked to me and offered me free sessions for being new.

(side note – HOLLA!)

He said he’d seen me around a lot lately (go me!) and wondered if I wanted to do a couple of free PT sessions.

Either he thinks I’m hot (probable), doesn’t like my weight lifting form (potentially) or he is looking for new business and saw someone who looks like a sucker (not likely).

Kidding on the “not likely” piece.

In addition to the free training sessions that were offered to me (I’m going to say it again – HOLLA!)…

A woman in the locker room was singing.

She was naked, which was weird. Not the naked part, the naked singing part. But whatever. Happiness comes in all forms – clothed and, umm, not clothed?

And then, on my way out, the girl who I said was a total over-achiever… she was crossing the street towards the gym entrance and she half-smiled at me.

I broke her down with my “I just finished my workout and you’re just coming in, B!” smile.

Maybe it’s because it’s Friday.

Or because it was a tad later in the AM.

Or maybe it’s because they over-thought their gym etiquette after they left the gym on Monday too… and they realized they were being snarky.

Likely it was my smiling happy persona that got to them.



I suspect we’ll still need to work on this a bit more next Monday morning (WHEN I AM DOING MY FREE TRAINING SESSION!)

Happy weekend.

0 thoughts on “i’m breaking them down.

  1. but really, who gets free PT? this is not fair. i am legit jealous.

    i’m glad you are breaking them down! they need to get the stick out of their… hmmph.

    the naked singer. well, that’s odd.