i’m breaking.

I’m falling apart.  I’m 10 days away from my 33rd birthday (hint hint) and I am absolutely falling apart.  I don’t know what the F is wrong with my leg, but in the last two days my right knee has really started to hurt.

For a couple of days it was just a strange, nagging pain.  I figured it was bruised or sprained.  Today,  I went to the gym and the pain was about the same level (mild to medium), but when I was on the treadmill (incline) and/or stair climber, it felt like someone was pushing my knee in every couple of minutes.

It’s wasn’t too painful, it just feel weird and startled me every time.  And yes, I probably should have stopped working out, but since I haven’t worked out in over 2 weeks (vacation, holla!), I figured I needed the exercise.

Since I’m not a hypochondriac (ha!), I did some google searches when I got home, which brought up webMD.  Bad idea.  I think I need knee surgery, joint replacement, my ligaments are torn, etc.  I actually don’t, because I am assuming that all of those things would bring on excruciating pain, but still.

How could my knee be hurting when I literally haven’t done any physical activities outside of scuba diving , snorkeling and walking in 2.5 weeks? Aside from walking, those activities aren’t weight bearing and thus, logic says that my knee should not be sore.

I probably just need to rest my knee, but does this mean that I can’t work out? I bet that the knee pain is from emptying the dishwasher, doing laundry or walking the dog…

J, I can’t do house work anymore 🙂

All kidding aside, are bad knees hereditary? My grandfather on my Dad’s side had bad knees… really bad knees.  That would not be good news.

In other news, apparently writing about Reborn Dolls is very popular.  Yesterday I had the most views of my blog since it’s creation… I should write about pop culture more often.  And by pop culture, I mean crazy dolls.

And in other news… it really irks me when TV shows (Bones) show the birthing process and the baby comes out looking fairly clean, not squished and with his/her eyes open.  This can’t be reality and since I might give birth someday, I would prefer that these depictions be accurate so that I know what I might be getting myself in to.

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  1. so sorry your knee hurts 🙁 no clue if bad knees are hereditary, but i DO know that one should never (EVER) look up symptoms on webmd. (especially if you currently don’t have medical insurance… learned that one the hard way about a month ago!)

    yeah. i was annoyed at that bones baby last night too. that baby was OLD and CLEAN. so not accurate. at all.

  2. bad knees are hereditary, my dear, i’m sorry to say.
    i shall hope that you just need rest.

    and i’m SO happy you are home!
    and i owe you a recipe.