infant travel tips?

We are taking our first flight with Simon this week, headed to San Antonio, Texas to see my family. I am feeling a little bit nervous about flying with an infant for the first time – any tips?

It feels like there is SO much stuff to bring and much more to worry about than my normal rush through the airport.

I’ve heard that it’s good to feed babies during take-off and landing because of their ears… what else do I need to know / think about?

Maybe Simon will decide that the plane ride is a good time to take a 2 hour nap?…

I am trying not to take his entire room with us, but I also want to be prepared. We are visiting my parents, so it’s not like I can’t get whatever I forget, but I would like to ensure that I have the necessities.

Grammy is buying the diapers and wipes and I am bringing myself – aka the food… so… I guess the true necessities are taken care of…

How about sleeping in a travel crib for more than just a couple of naps (which we have done at home). Any advice for making the transition from crib at home to travel crib for an entire weekend work?

See the nerves here? Just when I think we are starting to have a routine down at home we are taking a trip just to screw it all up :).

I am hoping that Simon is a total trooper and isn’t phased one bit by traveling because I want there to be a lot more plane rides in our future.

Travel tips most certainly welcome.

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8 thoughts on “infant travel tips?

  1. Do you have a good breastfeeding scarf/cover? I fed on the way up and down, but she was SO sleepy on the plane (praying it’s the same on Tuesday), that she wouldn’t wake on our final descent. Make sure you go to the bathroom before you get on the plane!! I didn’t on the second flight and I was dying. Swaddlers, pacifiers and your milk! He’ll be good. And it’s not that long of a flight, so don’t stress yourself out if he cries… it’s the transatlantic redeyes to worry about. Have so much fun!!! xoxo

    • I do have a cover, so that’s good… luckily J will be with me for extra hands. I am impressed that you did 2 flights on your own! xx.

  2. We use white noise at home — and the natural white noise of the airplane has resulted in really good airplane naps for us (to date;)). On our first flight another mom who was traveling with two kids said it’s good to sit near the wing for some reason. We did and while I’m not sure if it was that or the white noise or just luck — it was a good flight so we’ve been rocking the over wing seats since! I used amazon prime to ship a pack n play mattress to my dad’s before our week long visit. Not sure it adds anything but helped my nerves because it feels more comfortable and substantial to me. May want grandma to buy bath stuff as well… just one less thing you need to carry. Safe/fun travels!

  3. When they are this little, they are pretty easy to handle on the plane. It becomes more difficult when they want to walk around. I swear, getting through TSA with a stroller and kid is more difficult than the actual flight.

    We would go onto and ship diapers, wipes, baby food, bath stuff, etc. to our locations. I like to pack light. Worse case scenario you can always make a run for target.

    As for sleeping, Elin has always been able to sleep in a Pack N Play for both naps and evening sleep. You might want to pick up a pack n play sheet before you go. It might make it more comfy for him.

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