I always have grandiose ideas for the way that I want something to turn out. Sometimes, I start working on something (creatively speaking) and end up throwing it out because it isn’t coming together the way that I think it should / want it to and sometimes I cut corners when I feel lazy.

Let me say that one again because it’s something that I want to stop doing.

Sometimes I cut corners when I feel lazy. Creatively only. It’s stupid and it only hurts me. <– I am kind of lecturing myself here, but we can all move on.

I threw a shower for one of my favorite people in my life last weekend, Irit.

Irit has been in my life since we were 2ish. I don’t remember a day in my life that I didn’t know Irit, actually.

We grew up in the same town, then I moved and we parted ways a bit. We somehow always kept in touch and when we both ended up in Chicago, became close again.

We aren’t the kinds of friends that see each other all of the time or are up on every current event in each other’s life. I don’t know why that is, it just is. We are, however, the type of friends that can call each other at any time of day / night. We can tell each other our secrets and laugh at the ridiculousness that sometimes comes from our families. Irit gets me. We have shared a LOT of life. She has seen me cry on more occasions than I’d like to admit and she loves me for everything that I don’t always see in myself. If ever there was a definition of best friend, Irit fits it.

Irit is having a baby boy any day now – due in early February.

I love having people over to my house and having a reason to decorate and I really wanted to throw Irit’s baby shower. I wanted Irit and baby boy H to have a special day where they felt loved all over.

I hosted Irit’s shower last Saturday.  Irit’s Mom and sister graciously helped me with some of the details and the shower turned out beautifully. I think that my goal of showering Irit with love was fulfilled.

I was starting to get sick with a cold in the days leading up to the shower, but luckily was not quite sick during the shower. Also luckily, had my Mom, step Dad and husband (in addition to Irit’s Mom / sister) here to help me bake, set up and run errands.

I have a lot of pictures, but none of them are good. Not a one. I think that there was something wrong with my lens because EVERY picture, whether I took it or not, was blurry. I took some pictures on auto – blurry. Some on manual – blurry. The most frustrating thing is that they didn’t look blurry on the preview screen.


Shower FAIL!

Anyway, here are some pictures… I’m sharing even if they’re blurry because I want Irit to have some… hopefully her sister’s pictures turned out better than mine. Serious grumble.


Irit and me. Blurry and my hair is still damp, but I wouldn’t change it for the world (well, maybe less blur).


Baby’s Breath on tables. Those blue Ball jars are my favorite – got them at an antique store.


Dessert table.



Irit is allergic to dairy, so I wanted to make sure that we had an “Irit friendly” buffet. The signs are made from chalkboard paint – I was feeling crafty 🙂




What good Jewish baby shower doesn’t offer bagels and lox? Especially good when bagels and lox happen to be the baby Mama’s favorite. 🙂


Just a little something for Irit to take home and share with Zach (the baby Daddy).



Irit’s Mom (my second Mommy) and her sister. Gorgeous. All of them.


Those bags each had an Essie “baby’s breath” polish in them.


I don’t know how I got lucky enough to have such beautiful friends, but I did…



Irit’s Mom and sister made that quilt.



Great grandma made that one. Apparently everyone in the H family has something similar.


On the door…



It was really fun and I am so glad that I got to do it. I am very sorry that my pictures suck.

Don’t ask me to take pictures at your next big milestone event – the pressure was on and I failed.

I love you, Irit – blurry pictures or not, I love you.

I can’t wait to meet baby H (no matter what his name is!). 🙂


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  1. I think the pics are beautiful! Not a fail at all. You are so thoughtful with all the details, everything looks perfect!!

  2. This post is beautiful (as are the photos). I felt so showered with love at the baby shower!! It was such a special day! Every detail was perfect- I loved the dairy/non dairy chalk signs, blue mason jars, baby’s breath (nailpolish and flowers), puffs, hanging decor and everything else!!!! I am so lucky to have such an amazing friend. Thank you for being you 🙂 Love you!!!

  3. Mara!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! and the majority of the pictures look crisp – especially those of the food – I love the black food labels – ughhh. you’re so creative. I LOVE THIS. I read it on my phone last night and frantically went to the site on my Mac right now. love love love. this should be your profession!!!

  4. I guess I’ve known Irit as long as Mara has; they’ve been friends forever and seeing pictures of her mom and Irit suggest that appearance-wise, they are still the same as I last saw them many years ago–beautiful women! I’m so happy for you Irit on the future birth of your son. I hope you have an easy delivery and may he only know lots of love in his life.

    Oddly, I have thought about your family and you a lot recently. I attend a weekly meeting where there is a man there that looks so much like your dad looked. He even talks like your dad did. Every week I see him I think, there’s Brian. And guess what? His name is Brian too! So weird.

    Be well, much love, and I must say, the shower looked damn creative to me. Well done, Mara, and all who helped.

    Marty (Mara’s dad)

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