it’s not as fun as i thought it would be.

When someone tells you that you don’t have to work for a week because you’re waiting for confirmation on a project, your first instinct is “hell ya, bitches!” (well, maybe not your first instinct, but definitely mine).

Or it was my first instinct. But then it turned into sheer “ugh”.

I work really dang hard at my job, often way more hours than one might define as “normal”, so when someone tells me to take some time off, you’d think I would jump for joy.  The problem is, I didn’t ask for the PTO.  I didn’t plan for the PTO.  So I feel guilty.  Which is ridiculous, but true.  For someone who has been “on PTO”, aside from the occasional mid day gym visit, I’ve been doing interviews (for my company, not applying elsewhere) and sitting in front of my computer all day.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

I have plenty of PTO.

But I think I feel guilty because I am taking a big vacation at the end of March.

Someone tell me that I am being ridiculous.

This is all ending next week, anyway.

No more mandatory PTO. No more mid day gym visits (sad).  No more feeling like I am playing hooky.

I am sure that I will be really pissed at myself for not getting organized, doing crafts, etc…. but oddly, I’ve been really busy.  Doing…??? Ya.

This guy has been happy to have me home during the day, that’s for sure:


Don’t get me wrong, I always occasionally rarely want to quit my job and be a SAHDM, but sadly, that doesn’t pay the bills.  If I could pimp Cohen out as a dog model and be a stage Mom, that could maybe pay the bills…. hmm….if only showing off your dog’s “playing dead” skills paid actual dollars.  Did I mention that he can also “spin”, “shake” and “roll over”? He also lets us brush his teeth every night.  He’s cute AND has good hygiene.  Anyone want to pay him to do that?? Anyone?

Anyway, I am going to go enjoy a few hours away from my computer.  And by enjoy, I mean go to the eye doctor to get new contacts and a new glasses prescription.  This afternoon, I have 2 hours of conference calls.  Good thing I’m taking a vacation day! 🙂

Happy weekend.  I don’t feel guilty about those days AT ALL.