it’s official official.

It’s official, I’m married!

I know that’s weird because that actually happened about 2.5 years ago, but really, when we handed the paperwork to the Rabbi, we never followed up to ensure that the office of vital records had received it.  Until today.

J and I always joke that we may not actually be married, but something prompted me to check on it today – maybe it’s the rainy weather.

I was downtown and at the post office, and then I just thought, hey, if I use the pedway I won’t even have to go outside to get this errand done.  I also heard that there’s usually not a line, which made it even more tempting.

I took the pedway through downtown, which is a huge maze.  I got lost approximately 5 times and asked approximately 4 police officers (the county building is swarming with them) to point me in the right direction.  I took 2 escalators, a bunch of sets of stairs… I followed signage… a total mazey, terrible signage, mess.

But alas, I made it out alive, and with a copy of our marriage certificate to prove it.

I was kind of holding my breath when the woman took my information… what if we weren’t actually married? What if it was all a sham? What if, because of it, I was committing tax fraud?

I think the woman thought I was crazy when I said, “yay, we’re actually married!” when she handed me the copies. Lots of people think I’m crazy, so I’m used to it.

It was pouring rain by the time I was done with my post office, marriage certificate run.  I got so lost that I could only get half way back to my office via the pedway and ended up running outside, sans coat, to my office.  I looked like a nut running through the rain with my marriage certificates as my umbrella (kidding, they were in an envelope!), but I made it back without much harm other than some wet, limp hair.

So congrats to us – 2.5 years.

Here’s to hoping that all errands that I put off for that long turn out just as successful. Ha.

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