kick him to the curb unless he looks like mcjagger…

On my way home from the airport I heard no less than 4 sex-themed pop songs on the radio (in 30 minutes), including Mike Posner’s “she looks like sex“.  First of all, how does one look like sex? Second of all, why are we writing songs about it? And thirdly, when in the heck did I become so prude?

It’s funny that I am writing about this considering my love of R Kelly, Luda and Jay Z, but I am… This is what our kids are listening to? They don’t even have to pay for this smut? We wonder why they’re doing what they’re doing so young? Yuck.  it’s not even catchy.  At least Bieber is catchy…

As a side note, if I use words like sex and smut a lot, do you think that will attract a new fan base to my blog? 🙂

I digress…

I just got home from NYC.

I traveled for work for the first time since early November.

I stayed in a hotel for 2 nights.  I was treated to all meals and especially lovely dinners.  I was there for “fun work” not “work work”.  But (and yes, I know I shouldn’t start sentences with ‘but’),  I AM EXHAUSTED.

I am totally out of the habit of lugging my suitcase and computer bag everywhere.  I don’t miss the shoulder and neck pain, that’s for sure.

The most disappointing thing about NYC was that I didn’t eat a Mister Softee cone with sprinkles.  I also didn’t really see much of NYC, which means that I just need go back real soon.

The highlight of today (aside from getting on an earlier flight and keeping my upgrade — I told you Platinum was worth it!!) was seeing my ohsoverypregnant friend, Kim.  She’s adorably pregnant and due any second.  I gave her a few baby blankets / burp cloths and lots of hugs.  I miss that one.

Also got to catch up with some good work friends – the people that make all of the long hours, travel, etc bearable.  I miss those ladies too.

And that’s that – NYC in a nutshell.  I managed to cross a few new restaurants off of my new years resolutions list (don’t know if they count, but hey, I am counting them because I make the rules on this blog).

I have no pictures of NYC or my trip or the people I was with. Not one. Sad.  I better go again.  Nowish, but for fun. And with J.

And just to revisit my thoughts from above because I know you’re just dying for more on my observations on sex themed songs… they aren’t even good! Don’t go wasting your money to download them.



0 thoughts on “kick him to the curb unless he looks like mcjagger…

  1. oh man.
    i am SO with you on the sex songs.
    i rarely listen to the radio anymore, but the other night i heard some song about being “sexy and i know it”. and there was a line about how he’s “got a passion in my pants”. WHAT?
    (apparently i am also prude?)

    so glad you got to travel for fun work.
    and i’m even MORE glad you don’t have to travel for work work every week anymore.