Lessons Learned While Traveling With Baby (Still Learning…)

Don’t trust what you read on he internet: I know that’s more of a life lesson but it has been reconfirmed for me while traveling. Pictures of full size cars and car seats may appear larger (or smaller) on the web. Grumble.

Trust your mom gut: we were at Hertz yesterday picking up our car and they wanted to give me an “infant” seat that was forward facing and toddler sized. I confirmed several times that it was the right seat and they insisted – I even saw instructions (that were for the wrong seat!). After many minutes of deliberation I asked J to go to Walmart to buy us a rear facing seat.

This was the first time that my mom gut was tested outside of the house. It didn’t feel right after just hearing from the pediatrician that Simon should be rear facing until he’s 2. Just because we are in a different country doesn’t mean the rules change. I was prepared for a dirty car seat (Clorox wipes in hand), but not the wrong size seat. I nearly cried, but managed to keep it together until bedtime.

Sending J to buy a car seat meant that Simon and I were stuck at Hertz for an undetermined amount of time, but at least an hour+. If you know foreign car rental places you know that this isn’t a comfortable experience.

Almost 3 hours later J and his brother returned with a rear facing seat (they had a hard time finding one). I had started to worry because J didn’t have cell service but it all worked out. Thank goodness for happy babies!!!


Simon was a total trooper – he had 1 thirty-five minute nap all day and was still smiling. So grateful for my laid back baby. He made lots of friends at Hertz and I felt better with the new seat (though still a POS).

When in doubt, bring it with you: see item above. We almost brought a car seat but didn’t because we were traveling with too much already. We should have.

There were two things I was concerned about borrowing in Mexico: car seat and crib.

Before we left I wasn’t convinced that the crib we would be given in Mexico would work for us. Simon moves a lot in his sleep and at home we’ve added mesh bumpers to avoid limbs from poking out. Since we didn’t know what we’d be given in Mexico, I insisted on bringing our travel crib. My reasoning was that even if we were given a perfect crib by the hotel, we could put the travel crib in grandma’s room for nap coverage.

Do I need to tell you where this is going?

I put simon in the hotel crib and 2 mins later went in to the room to a scream worse than any I’ve heard from simon. His head was between the mattress and rails and his arm was through the slat to his shoulder.

Needless to say, Simon slept in our travel crib last night. He slept as well as he does at home and I wasn’t afraid to let him cry it out a bit because I knew that he was totally fine in there.

Wear the baby: I knew from previous travel that if you’re wearing the baby you can do so through security without taking him out of the carrier. Game changer. I did the same on this trip and similar to last time, we were able to breeze through security.

Bring it on the plane:  I almost packed the Motrin in our big bag but I ended up putting it in the diaper bag just in case. Just in case ended up being mid-flight teething or ear pain. I was very glad that I had the Motrin on my person instead of under the plane. Not having that, some snacks (adults), and a food pouch (Simon) would have been painful all around. Between 5am and 10pm I had a egg sandwich (airport), too many almonds (snack from home), and a bottled water. Lonnnng day. We were supposed to be at our hotel for lunch but the car seat happened and we were stuck.

I’m sure that the learning will continue throughout the week but that was traveling outside of the US part 1. I’m glad we are here, settled, and on to the pool.

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    • Thank you! He was so sweet yesterday. I feel like he knew that if he had a meltdown his mommy also might have a meltdown 😉

  1. You are brave! Hopefully the hardest part is over and you guys can enjoy some sunshine now 🙂

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