We have been in an IKEA induced hell the last few days.  Granted, it was of our own doing, but the words %$&*ing IKEA were uttered many times this weekend.

Please excuse the floor and surrounding areas – it was essentially a cardboard dumping ground this weekend.  It’s since been cleared, which makes me happy again.

I’ll show you the finished product one of these days (we’re painting this weekend or next, or in 2 months – ha), but basically J and I needed to make better use of our office space and we didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do so.

We bought 3 bookshelves, 2 desks and some shelving.  I’m excited to have a space to myself where I won’t feel bad about having too many picture frames, tchotchkes and flowers if I want them.  I think that J is excited about having a Mara free zone where he can work and pay bills in peace :).  I’m actually really excited that we’ll both have our own work space in the same room.  I can surf or craft or work and J can do what J does… look at real estate blogs, work and surf…

I have to give J ALL of the credit for a) the idea and b) putting 89.6% of the stuff together.  I helped screw on some handles, put books away, hold things, bring things and put my lights under my shelf, but J literally did all of the heavy lifting with very minimal swearing.

If we had the amount of budget that we have ideas, we’d be on the cover of architecture digest.

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  1. YAY! can’t wait to see the final product.
    i love that you guys managed this together and relatively happily– putting things together always spells disaster for mr. merry mike and me…. xoxoxo.