love list.

I have been doing a lot of product loving lately.

And, quite honestly, a lot of lusting.

Being an adult Trying to be more fiscally responsible is making me think about spending money a little bit harder than I used to.

I hate being responsible.

So, my love list was born. And how appropriate to introduce a few of my top love list items on Valentine’s day. Maybe my Valentine will decide that I need some of these things?



  1. Ohemgeee these earrings. I am in LOVE with these earrings. Like send them to me right now I want to get them in my ears in love. Obsessed might be a better way of putting it.
  2. The best cuticle cream ever. Yes, I’m cool weird.
  3. Makes my eyes feel light and happy.
  4. Wearing right now. Love that it actually stays on my head.
  5. Gorgeous top. Would be great for some of the bachelorette events that I have coming up.
  6. Oh for cute. Bows. Shoes. Always a good combo in my book.
  7. I just love a good water bottle. This one is glass and I swear I’d drink more water if I owned it. I swear.

I enjoyed putting that together – and learning a little bit more about Photoshop… now if someone just wanted to give me a few million dollars so that I didn’t have to think so hard about saving money before I purchase things… jeez.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

0 thoughts on “love list.

  1. Dear hookthreadandtinker,

    I searched high and low for the things on your list but couldn’t find any of them! this was devastating. Naturally, I felt like i’d let you down. So the only thing left to do was to record a clever video blog to entertain you on the topic of “Open Mic Night.” It grieves me deeply that i can’t offer you any of your choice items, but hopefully my video blog will serve as a partial peace offering…

    now, you have to admit that that was a little better than the standard “please, please come check out my blog” appeals that flood this public space, haha.

    I really do hope you have a good V-Day!

  2. i received #3 in my birchbox last month and loved it. i also love the cuticle cream and i’m so intrigued about your headband as i need one to stay on my head already!