mask. fins. fish. coral.

We spent the day in bathing suits going from island to island in El Nido. The banca boat picked us up from Miniloc at 9AM and we made our way to Snake Island, which is a huge sandbar in the middle of the ocean. After being stung by a couple of small jellies, we made our way on a short, elevated, hike through the jungle to get a view of our surroundings. Absolutely beautiful.

Random tidbit… there were 3 dogs swimming across the sandbar from one piece of land to the other. The sandbar was about 100 yards, which seemed like a big feat for a little dog. I didn’t touch the pups given the conditions, but I think they were just excited by the boats approaching.

From the sandbar, we went by boat to a few caves in the area. We literally had to roll into them because the opening was so small. Once inside, it was less claustrophobic, but I still didn’t love it. Getting out through the same hole we went in was, umm, interesting. Rolling out was probably not my most graceful move of all time.

We spent a few hours snorkeling, lunching and sunbathing at a nearby island and then headed to a small lagoon for kayaking. It’s a good thing that J is a good kayaker because I likely would have had us going in circles or running right into rocks the whole time. For some reason the paddling on the opposite side that I want to move thing is a hard concept for me.

After spending the day in the sun, we came back to Miniloc where I relaxed on the chez on our porch and J continued his snorkeling in the house reef. My husband is in his element, that’s for sure. He came back to the room very excited, naming all sorts of corals and fish…

I think the only absurdity of today is the gaggle of Taiwanese models / photographers that are staying at Miniloc. They go on similar excursions, but for them it’s all about the model photo shoot. I got a few shots of the shoot, but for lack of readily available images, let me just say that it was a very random mix of bad SI Swimsuit edition meets Girls Gone Wild meets Glamour Shots. The girls are all walking around in baby doll outfits and platform shoes. They pose very awkwardly all over the beach, the boats, the tables… ooh, I forgot to mention the fake eyelashes, which has got to be hard to deal with in the salt water.

We met a guy who said that he asked the photographers what they were shooting for and they said, “we came here for 5 days of fun”. Umm, ok…

We have been very lucky with the weather… it poured last night for about an hour, but other than that it’s been absolutely beautiful.

Tomorrow we may do some scuba diving. Why this makes me nervous and edgy all over again I have no idea, but anyway…

I really will share pictures soon. Really.

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  1. It all sounds amazing!!! Glad you are enjoying some much deserved relax and adventure time! Please post pics 🙂

  2. I love your writing, Mara. What an adventure you’re on! Be safe.

    Much love,