mittens and stuff.

I have taken the last 2 days off from work for a little calm before the storm.  It’s been a productive couple of days.

I did a little laundry.

Went to the gym.

Organized my life a little bit.

Caught up on email.

Booked a vacation to the Philippines with J (<– very exciting, now we just need to figure out all of our plans).  Thanks to, I got some help finding a really good ticket using my points.  All of that travel last year (and the extra to make Platinum) definitely paid off because we’re able to fly from ORD to MNL (stopping over in ICN) for free – in Business Class. HOLLA!

I made some mittens.  When I saw this blog post about making mittens out of thrifted sweaters, I knew that I had to try.  So much so, that I made J go to the thrift store when we were running errands that weekend so that I could snag a couple of sweaters.

So cute! I don’t know how people come up with this stuff, but it was super easy and I never would have thought of it.

Note: I used the sleeves instead of the body to make the mittens.  It just made more sense to me… 

Yes, I am a dork.  I also am brave b/c a) I haven’t showered and b) have no make-up on.  Also, J’s desk (behind me) is messy. Oh well, you can see that I did, in fact, make mittens. Albeit a bit misshapen. Go me.

Oh and also, those glasses… they aren’t mine (yet).  I ordered a few trial pairs from Warby Parker and those are the ones that I am thinking about actually ordering.  Do you like them?

Ok, I really need to clean up my messes and get something productive done this afternoon.  Like go to the gym.  Even though it’s snowing and I’d rather be hibernating under my down blanket on the couch… for example 🙂

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