monday understanding.

I got to the gym this morning at 6:30. As I walked in, it was clear to me that only “regulars” go at this time of day. I walked in to the cardio room and literally every head turned towards the door. I smiled, but no one smiled back.

I’m new to this gym (joined because they have a pool, which I thought would be good for my knees) and I’ve only been on a handful of mornings (usually go after work). On the mornings that I have been in, it’s been in at 5:30, out by 6:30/6:45 to make it home in time to start my day. Not many people want to work out at 5:30AM, so I’ve not felt the coldness until today when my day started a little later.

I felt a tad unwelcome.

When I walked in, I totally felt like the new girl. No one had seen me at the gym at that time before and maybe I was breaking some super secret gym code by walking in the way that I did, who knows. 

In the evening, the people are really nice. Smiley. Cordial. 

In the morning, apparently not so much.

I played it cool, as I always do (if you know me, you are giggling, remembering all of the times that I have tripped in front of you) and went about my business. 

I made my way to the elliptical, put in my headphones and watched the news for 35 minutes, then went into the weight room and did some other stuff for another 35ish minutes.

When I was on the elliptical I was working out next to a woman sprinting on the treadmill next to me (we won’t discuss how lazy this made me feel). She was literally dripping when she got off. I didn’t see where she went, but when I got to the weight room, she was there biking and then lifting (over-achiever much? :)). I smiled at her when I went to the weight benches next to her and she gave me a death stare in response that said that I better not talk to her.

When I walked away, I realized… gym on Monday morning is equal to flying on Monday morning.

Don’t F with the regulars.

Do not smile. Do not talk. Do not bother. Do not even attempt to breathe in the same vicinity. Fear the wrath.

That? That I can relate to.

Luckily I a) don’t tend to be too chit chatty b) also don’t want people near me while breaking a sweat c) totally get it d)like my music more than conversations with strangers too.

The wrath is understood.

It’s like bro code or something.

I get it. 

Please let me into your club. I won’t smile anymore, I promise. No more Mrs. Nice. I won’t speak until spoken to. I will do my workout and I will leave. I will wipe the machines when I am done with them. I won’t come back with a smile until I’m there between the hours of noon and 10PM. 

I swear.

But really, you’re at a gym.

Endorphins and all that.

Smile for goodness sake.

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  1. Why the HECK do you work out at 5:30 when you work from home? I run at that time because I have to look presentable at 7:30. Yipes. Do you video conference that often? Anyways, this was hilarious and I love how you compared it to flying. The no-eye-contact rule is huge. But really, you’re at the gym. Chill out, 6:30 clique.

    • Most often I have a conference call at 7 and a couple of those each week are video… lame, but I love the feeling of being DONE for the day. But seriously, chillax, right?

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