my bags aren’t packed.

I leave in less than 24 hours and I haven’t packed my bags.

I know that for some people this is not big deal, but I can see about 5 hours of packing / cleaning ahead of me.  I’m a good packer when it comes to packing for work.  Packing for vacation usually involves over-packing and I really can’t do that on this trip.  I’ll be taking small planes / boats all over and we can’t have too much crap.

Travel with 3 or less pair of shoes?

Challenge Accepted 🙂

Step 1 – Pedicure (critical).

Step 2 – TBD.

I woke up this morning at 4am with a whole kaleidoscope of butterflies (p.s., I looked up what to call a group of butterflies) in my stomach. Why? I’m not sure.  I know that I was thinking about / dreaming about being on the airplane for a crapload of time, but it could have been something else. Like the massive pile of clothes needing to be packed / sorted.

And the piles of laundry needing to be done.

And the snacks needing to be purchased.

And the keys needing to be shared.

I know I shouldn’t complain.  Even about the fact that I worked until 11PM last night. I’m actually feeling pretty grateful today.

I can afford to take a vacation with my husband for 2 weeks.

We have someone who we trust staying at our house to take care of the pup.

My work is transitioned and I am leaving early today to finish my last-minute prep.

It is gorgeous outside.

I am lucky and I know it.  I truly do.

My electronics are charging, my books are loaded to the Kindle…

Pretty soon my toenails will sparkle 🙂

I’m really going to miss Cohen, but knowing that he is in good hands makes me feel much better.

So with that…I’m going to finish my day and go pack…

0 thoughts on “my bags aren’t packed.

  1. It’s amazing to take a two-week vacation to a place you’ve never been, to explore new worlds, customs, people. How exciting!

    Travel with my love and wishes for a safe return.


  2. i love your dad.
    and YOU.
    have the BEST TRIP.
    i will miss your words. i will miss you!
    love you lots.

  3. oh your dad… that was the sweetest!

    the fact that you looked up what to call those butterflies makes me love you even more than i already do.
    have a fantastic, fun and safe trip!
    cannot wait to hear all about it when you get home.
    love you!