no patience…

For call centers…

I get it, they’re useful.  It’s important.  Yadda yadda yadda…. 

I just called a help desk with a computer issue and after describing the issue the woman says, “ok, well since you’ve already restarted, I’m going to have to pass this ticket on to local support.”


The first level of help desk support is “have you restarted your machine?”.

It took me 5 minutes to have this conversation (lots of repeating the problem, lots of correcting information that she was writing on the ticket) and we got nowhere.

I am sitting here, mouth agape.  Really? You can’t do more for me than “have you rebooted?”.  Dumbfounded.  And annoyed.

Never mind that no applications appear in my Start menu and I can’t actually do real work on my machine without searching for files because no icons appear on my desktop… it’s cool, I’ve rebooted.  I even did a hard shutdown.  Twice.  Take that Bill Gates! That’s at least level 2 help right there….but she didn’t ask… I could have been promoted to level 3!

When I wrote the title for my blog, I was blaming myself and my level of patience… but in thinking about it, I have tremendous patience… when I feel that we’re making progress!

No matter the computer issue, just restart.  Level 1 support – even I could do that and I don’t know a darn thing about the innards of my computer (except that there aren’t little men in there making it run… I’ve moved past that at least).

And for what it’s worth, I have had great success with help desks in the past – just not today and just not always.

Random story…

I was walking Cohen the other day and I crossed the street when I saw another big dog coming out of the alley.  Cohen doesn’t always get along with other dogs, so I just avoid the interaction unless i know the people / dog.  Or I try to… sometimes people try to force interaction, even when my dog is calmly sitting in the grass (off the sidewalk) to let them pass… those people annoy me.

I digress….

So as I crossed the street, I heard the child of the person with the big dog say, “Mommy, PUPPPPPPPY.” and the Mom responded, “That ain’t (seriously, she did) no puppy, that’s a KILLER!”

I giggled to myself a little bit… it’s a pit bull mix, but he’s not a killer.  He’s well-trained and extremely loving.  Does he get along with every dog? No.  Do we take precaution to make sure that he is well-behaved? Absolutely. Should people offend him by calling him a killer? I don’t think so.  Don’t get me started about teaching kids how to interact with dogs… (ask before you pet, don’t assume all dogs are nice, but don’t be afraid….etc).

Anyway, seriously? Do killer dogs like to be tucked in at night?


Maybe, but Cohen ain’t no killer.