Nuby Parent Blogger: Flip n’ Sip w/ NEW 360 Weighted Straw Cup Review

The weather has been perfect lately (aside from some rain) and that means that we are taking full advantage and spending quality time outside! We’ve been doing a bunch of trips to the park, long walks, and Simon even got a bike seat for J’s bike so that we can go on family bike rides. Cutest.

With the sun and heat comes sunscreen and lots of water.

When I became a Nuby Parent Blogger a couple of months ago, I was able to choose a few items to review. I knew that we would need more and more sippy cups as Simon got older, and I was especially interested in the ones with a straw.

Hook, Thread & Tinker | Nuby

We have been using the Flip n’ Sip w/ NEW 360 Weighted Straw Cup for a few weeks and really like it! Simon has a tendency to lean his head way back and lift the sippy into the air (I don’t know where he gets these dramatic effects! :)) even though it has a straw, so the fact that the straw is weighted is pretty awesome.

Hook, Thread & Tinker | Nuby

This is a sippy that is on heavy rotation in our house. Simon likes it and I like that he can drop it 52 times on a single walk and it still holds up (not that THAT ever happens). It’s BPA free, comes in great colors, and is easy to clean. We need about 6 more.

It also serves as entertainment during a highly suspect trip to the bike store. 🙂

Hook, Thread & Tinker | Nuby

You’ll be able to purchase your own Flip n’ Sip soon! Coming July 2015 to: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Bealls Outlet, and Amazon!!

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I was given the Flip n’ Sip w/ NEW 360 Straw for my review and was not compensated for this post. The opinions above are my own.

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