oh amazon.

As if I didn’t already love Amazon enough, they went and did this…

I ordered a connector for my laptop to be able to connect to my monitor.

It didn’t work.

I clicked “return item”.

Amazon said that because I was a valued customer (and let’s be honest, because it costs them more to process the return than to let me keep it), I just get to keep the item and they’d still refund me.

Seriously, that’s good customer service.

I know it’s minimal, but it saves me a trip to the post office and it was a pleasant surprise.

Happy Tuesday to me!

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  1. Amazon is ahhhhhmazing. I agree. Their customer service is unmatched (except, maybe, Zappos)… I bought Sasha a flashlight in June 2011, warranty ended in August 2011, and it broke in July 2012. They sent me a new one immediately. So good!