oh, hey.

Guess what? I blog. Weird since I can’t think of a thing to write about.

I have 2 weeks of Project Life ready to share, but don’t really feel like it at the moment. It seems like a LOT of work to take pictures, load them up, etc.


I turn 34 this week. I am officially old. I said that when I turned 30 and now it’s 4 years later and, well, I’m older. I’m thankful for still being on this earth and I hope I’ve learned a few things since I was 30, but that doesn’t make me feel any younger.

And is it just me or are you 30 somethings having new aches and pains too? I thought that my grandma used to just complain a lot, but I think there’s something to this growing older business. “It’s for the young”, as Ma would say.

Want to know 34 things that I hope to accomplish in year 34? Let’s see…

  1. Read more books. I go through phases of reading non-stop and phases of reading only trashy magazines… More books are needed in my life.
  2. Get a new puppy. I doubt this will happen if J has anything to do with it, but I’ll keep it on the list anyway.
  3. Continue my workout / eating healthy regime. I am kind of kicking ass with this right now. I’d like that to continue. Who needs sugar anyway?
  4. Visit with my girlfriends. Really visit. Physically, emotionally… I need some catch-ups with some key people BADLY. eh hem Jess. eh hem Gab. eh hem Nay. eh hem Anna.
  5. Buy a new office chair. I know this is stupid, but the one I want is too spendy for my blood but since I sat in it nothing else compares. Oh Herman Miller.
  6. Babysit my niece. I mean, there is no one cuter on this planet, am  I right? (photo stolen from my SIL)Image
  7. Try new restaurants – I’ve become more adventurous in my old age.
  8. Win the lotto.
  9. Take a vacation someplace warm with J (going in May and hoping to cross this off my list more than once).
  10. Watch several of my close friends get married. I have 3 weddings before the year ends and I love it!
  11. Cook. I have been cooking a ton lately, but want to try out some new recipes. Sauteing veggies doesn’t really count.
  12. Finish a year of Project Life.
  13. Go to the movies.
  14. Go to at least 2 live shows or concerts.
  15. Eat at Gospel Brunch.
  16. Take copious amounts of photos.
  17. Keep my plants alive.
  18. Plant flowers in my flower boxes.
  19. Visit NYC at least once.
  20. Travel someplace new (in addition to someplace warm).
  21. Buy a new car.
  22. Buy a new house. This is a dream not a reality. Stupid real estate economy.
  23. Cook with a new grain or bean.
  24. Clean my closet.
  25. Get rid of things that we haven’t used in a year.
  26. Volunteer.
  27. Spend less time on my phone.
  28. Take advantage of coupons and saving money (you know, for my dream life of new car, house, vacations, etc).
  29. Eat a doughnut at Doughnut Vault. I can’t be good ALL the time.
  30. Enjoy summertime activities in Chicago – eat outside, go to the lake, etc.
  31. Take pictures with me in them. And not just the kind that I take by holding my arm up in the air.
  32. Download new music. Recommendations?
  33. Enjoy time with my family.
  34. Enjoy life!!!

Whew! That was hard. And maybe a little lofty.

Here’s to checking off many things from my list. Who wants to join me?!

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