oh mother.

I just checked my email and saw this message from my mom:

“I miss your blog updates.  It’s been, like 3 weeks!!  I’ll have to start calling you more often if I can’t read news in your blog!

Your new undies are striped with blue lace.  Very pretty.”

I could just end my post with that piece de resistance, but I won’t because I feel that I have some explaining to do.

My mom has a Victoria’s Secret CC and gets free underwear 1x per month, most of which she deems “too sexy” and sends to me.

My mom is a little bit of a stalker — in a nice way.

This is awkward because you are now picturing my undergarments, but it was well worth a little embarrassment for some blog fodder.

Thanks, mom.

In other news…

Yep, that’s all I’ve got :).

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  1. this made me laugh! also, my mom would deem ALL the underwear at VS as “too sexy”. aren’t moms the best?! 🙂