oh ya, i blog.

Do you ever really really want to blog but when you sit down to write something, you draw a blank on everything cool that was supposed to go into your latest post? It’s not that I have nothing to say, I’m just pretty sure that what I have to say isn’t all that exciting.

I’ve been working a lot. I unfortunately have to do that because even though we played the lotto we didn’t win. Clearly someone is out to get us.

My brother IMed me today and asked what my blog name was (for some reason he hadn’t been following my every word) and jokingly said, idoconferencecalls.com? Pretty much!

I had a whirlwind trip to NYC last weekend and had the chance to catch up with a few of my favorite people.


This one who knows me annoyingly well.


This one who I just adore.


This one who has a Mom that I love and miss and a smile that is infectious!


…And who seemed to like me as much I liked him (I kind of wanted to steal him from his Mom, not going to lie…)


This one who I bicker with like he’s my older brother but laugh with like we’ve known each other for years.


This one who is like my sister even though, obviously, she’s not.


These friends who make me laugh uncontrollable and in one way or another have influenced my work projects, shaped who I am as a leader and have challenged me to be better.



Repeat, but love her so much she’s worth another mention in bad lighting.

If you know me, you know that I laugh easily and when I can’t stop laughing that means that I am extremely happy. I laughed A LOT last weekend and I loved it. Hearty, big, gulping for air laughs. Favorite.

I was visiting friends who I know from different parts of life, so it was weird and cool to see them come together.

Usually when J and I visit NYC we walk and take subways and eat on the cheap. This trip was slightly different. I was spending a lot of time with a friend who enjoys the finer things in life (aka, limited subway use, more black cars, less taxis). One of the funniest moments was when we were in the Village and there were no cabs (at midnight-ish) because they were all full. Being the city girl that I am, I decided that my friend would stand on one side of the corner and I would stand on the other to try to get a cab going in different directions…

Next thing I know, my friend calls my name and is getting into a black Mercedes. First of all, who does that? Second of all, where did this Mercedes come from? and third of all, how much are we paying to go a mile in said Mercedes? I, of course, asked all of these questions prior to getting in and was assured that $20 was a great price to pay to go meet our friends .8 miles away and that I “seemed stressed, so I should relax for a few minutes in the back of the Mercedes”. Oh friend. I literally could not stop laughing the entire (less than a mile) car ride. I was in such hysterics that I couldn’t even manage a picture of this ridiculousness.

I can pretty well assure you that 1) girls would NEVER get in an unmarked “taxi” by themselves 2) I would never do this in Chicago. I’m sure people do, I just don’t. Taxis or public transit suit my needs just fine here.

Anyway… crazy NYC weekend was great. Good to catch up with friends and experience the city that never sleeps in a different way than I had in the past. Even when J and I use my hotel points to stay at crazy luxury hotels, we use public transit and eat at the finest pizza joints…

We saw 2 shows – 1 good, 1 not so good. Annie was good. Anna and I had been wanting to see it and sort of forced another friend into it too. Then, the whole reason that we went to NYC, the Bare reintroduction, was terrible.


I had seen the play 8 years ago and loved every minute of it. I wanted to quit my job and star in it I loved it so much. I still listen to the music. I was so excited to see it come back and it was beyond bad. The music wasn’t the same, the story was elementary… it was just… bad and I was sad.

Other than shows and shopping and Mercedes riding, we went to a couple of restaurants, a couple of bars, ate cannolis and came home. Short but good.

Oh also, I bought red lipstick. I am a sucker for compliments and good packaging.

When we were in Saks I loved the woman’s makeup at the Burberry counter (lipstick specifically) and she made me  encouraged me to try it. She probably saw that I was a sucker from a mile away because I ended up with lipgloss, lipstick, lipliner and foundation. In my defense, I actually needed new makeup. I did. Also, she was really nice. Also, she and I bonded over liking nice things. I intend to make it my signature color – at least outside of work. The only problem is that red requires a lot of up keep, frequent mirror checks, no white napkins and really, no kissing. So, it can be my “I’m feeling foxy” color. Ha.

This week it was back to reality and back to work. I totally have vacation brain though and the fact that it’s pitch black before 5PM is not cool.

Also, I am about to have a baby niece and I. can. not. wait. Come on baby!!! I am certain that her Mom would like her to meet the world sooner rather than later too. She’s already my new favorite person and I haven’t even met her yet.

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  1. BABY!!!! so soon! CANNOT WAIT FOR PICS.

    Hooray for blog post! finally!

    Hooray for pictures.

    Hooray for you looking HOT in your new red lippie!